Interview with Lez Drummer Sandra Alva

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Interview with Lez Drummer Sandra Alva

Do you know Sandra Alva?  What do you mean you never heard of Sandra Alva?  Sandra Alva is the percussionist of the California-based hard rock band, Modern Day Escape.  I am using her name a lot on purpose—you are going to remember Sandra Alva and Modern Day Escape long after this interview and when you are on the quest for new music for your iPod. 

In case this name sounds familiar Sandra was also the original drummer of Black Veil Brides and worked on their debut album, We Stitch These Wounds, which debuted on Billboard at #36 on the Billboard Top 200 and #1 on the Billboard Independent. 

I wanted to sit down and pick Sandra’s brain not only because she is a drummer. I too dream of being on stage and I think I am pretty awesome on Rock Band, but she is openly gay in the male dominated industry of hardcore rock. Modern Day Escape has just released their second album, Under the Gun, and Sandra was kind enough to talk with me earlier this week upon the album's release.  

Hey Sandra, tell me about your music career—how did you get started?

My music career has been going since I joined my first band when i was 13 in middle school, hoping that one day i would be able to show the world my music. It really took off when I joined Black Veil Brides and now I'm in Modern Day Escape and I couldn't be happier. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be able to experience what I’ve always dreamt of. 

When and why did you start playing the drums?

I started playing drums when i was 11; I played for my church at the time.

Are there other instruments you play?

I mess around on the guitar and bass, but it's nothing serious. Although I really do want to learn how to play the piano.

Who are your musical inspirations?

My musical inspirations are actually my family members. Every one of my family has a musical talent, it's insane! I felt like the odd one out because I never knew that I could play the drums until this one day when I was 11 years old, my cousin was playing his guitar and I sat behind the drum set and started playing along. I instantly fell in love with the

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Nkiru, nice interview!

Nkiru, nice interview!

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Thank you

Thank you! 

California Girl back with scars to show.