Interview with The Tara Lynne Band

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Interview with The Tara Lynne Band

I feel sort of biased doing this interview; I have listened to "Awake in a Dream" by the Tara Lynne Band several times. I have listened to the song so many times it feels as if I wrote it myself—to quote from"Awake in a Dream," I am sure “They will adore you” as much as I have.

Day 2, Awake in a Dream 20th repeat has finished. (I told you I have become best friends with it and we are good and close.) I got to pick Tara Lynne’s brain and get close to her as I was to song. Tara Lynne gave me time out of her ever-so-productive Monday to answer my questions and to uncover more about my new buddy "Awake in a Dream" for me.

(From L-R: Tommy, Zac, Tara Lynne, Jerielle, Tami)

I have listened to the song so many times. We are best friends now. I enjoyed the song. Each time I listened to it I heard something new.  I am going to tell you the few things I thought I heard and I want to know if I heard it correctly or am I making these things up?


I heard an ethereal sound. Sort of dream like state that the song implied, is that what you implied to do?

Yeah, I set out to create a lot of imagery to get transported in a way....

Points for me! I also gathered a little folky sound and if I am not mistaken a 70s organ groovy in the breakdown! It felt really groovy in there. I love it!

Thanks! That would be Tom Rupolo, our talented Ivory Tickler....Yeah the rhythm section and I are 70’s babies!

Who is The Tara Lynne Band?

It’s me on guitar/vocals, Zac Gilbert & Jerielle Morwitz also on vocals (both of whom are Musical Theatre majors), Tom Rupolo on bass/keys (who is also an amazing photographer) and Tami Johnson on drums (who has played with me for about 10 years).

Ten years that is awesome. I love female drummers. I just interviewed one for Velvet Park.

If you love female drummers then you will love Tami. She’s awesome. 

So your drummer has been with you for 10 years what about the rest of the band?

This incarnation of TLB has been around for about a year and a half.  I love each one of them so much, they’re like my family.  We have so much fun at rehearsals, you would roll on the floor laughing!

That sounds like amazing chemistry. Tell me more about "Awake in a Dream."  I had so many images running through my head it was so vivid, I am sure there are some things that I have missed.

It’s a celebration of nature, yeah call me a tree-hugger.  It’s about learning from the interactions and relationships of trees and the moon and trying to apply them to our own human behavior.  Like the levels of respect and humility you see there if you really pay attention to the seasons..Or like how the flowers adore the sun and rain and everybody just needs each other. 

I loved the chorus as well. 

I was involved with someone who was taking a huge leap by opening a restaurant in New York.  I was enamored at her vision and badass-ness and so very proud of her for succeeding. And we’re still great friends and the restaurant is doing great business 7 years in.

So do they adore her?

Yep. She’s kind of a celebrity, a true pioneer of Vanderbilt Avenue.

That is amazing! As a literature major I fawned over the line “You’re a masterpiece and I want to read you.”  

Thanks Aisia! I have many, many “master-pieces” that I’m fortunate enough to “read” every day, isn’t that lucky?!

You get points for crediting sources.  Since you credited your sources tell me who are some of your inspirations?

The Smiths, Zeppelin and Joni Mitchell among many....

I love Morrissey. I have his picture as the screen saver on my phone.

I sent him a love-proclamation (to the fan-club) when I was 13!  I consider him one of my Dads. 

It has been really good talking to you. Where can people find you?

Likewise Aisia!!  We are playing April 25th at The Fifth Estate. The Fifth Estate is located 506 5th Avenue Between 12th and 13th in Park Slope, Brooklyn, (718) 840-0089.  The show starts at 10 pm and it is free. We can also be found on Facebook at

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ah.. y'all are so nice for doing this interview!!

Big thanks to the whole Velvetpark crew for this interview! It's much appreciated.. yams = tami.. and I love the Tara Lynne Band Smile

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