July 2012 Horoscope

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July 2012 Horoscope


You have been one of the signs most likely to have changed your entire life over in the last month!  This July, you can finally take a momentary pause from all the of volcanic eruptions.  There may still continue to be some relationship drama, with partners feeling the need to assert their needs or find ways to reengage with you in a different more equality-based manner.  With Mercury travelling through your love and creativity hosue, expect to hear back from former lvoers and or reignite old projects left on the backburner.  This time you have more confidence to proceed and this period can set in motion an entirely new cycle around self-expression and romance!


Much of the tumult has occured on the inner realms, with you waking up to your inner warrioress and breaking free from age-old fears and passivity.  You are very motivated to take charge of your life and your working situation.  You can now take a break from all the inner processing and settle down into recrafting a new emotional home base. It may be time to go down memory lane, too, in terms of when you felt most confident and secure or note what in your childhood contributed to lowered self esteem. The Mercury retrograde period will allow you to reassess those thoughts you tell yourself that came from care-givers and reframe them in a more positive light.  


Your social circles, life goals and entire vision of your future is under examination.  Events of the last month have rocked your world and perspective of things to come. Hopefully, they have allowed you to think bigger and wider, considering your impact beyond your inner circle.  Creativity, and this includes pregnancy, is a strong possibility with Mars travelling through your love affairs and children house.  Another way to use the energy is to take a healthy risk on a creative venture.  Find out where your vision