July 2013 Horoscope

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July 2013 Horoscope

Read your forecast for the month of July.

Your relationships, particularly intimate or financial, are under the microscope. Let go of those situations that are not fulfilling you while being open to taking your relationship to the next level if it is in alignment with your needs. You may find your mother is on the war path (or perhaps experiencing empty nest syndrome) or you are focused on dressing your home up to the hilt. All of the personal chaos you've been dealing with comes to a halt and you are able to see how much you've grown in the last six months. What are you building? Let's hope it includes the foundation to a sensually and spiritually ecstatic life because that is what is on order for you. The smoke clears in your family zone and you are poised to shine your light in the world.

Like Aries, your Saturn decision this month involves your relationship status. It is time to get serious and move toward a deeper level of commitment or cut your losses if in an unsatisfactory arrangement. You have a lot to say about everything, particularly your childhood, so keep that notebook open to capture your thoughts. You get a reprieve from the constant enlightenment process you've been going through and can now acknowledge that many old fears were irrational or unnecessary. Opening your emotional channels leads to greater bonding in your personal life and there is a chance to brings your greatest dreams into form. You will no doubt feel like a Queen later this month when you make your home your castle.

Your work life is your main focus this month as well as the balance between home and family. Something probably has to give. You'd gone through many permutations of yourself when Jupiter was in your sign this past year but now you know what your true value is. Despite your air sign connectivity, your true worth is in your emotional nature and ability to make others feel at home. Things calm down in your friendship zone and you're able to spend more time with your loved ones. You can now find a profession that allows you to give back, yet feel full at the same time. You are not your childhood or unformed, you are an adult