July 2013 Horoscope

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July 2013 Horoscope

of the highest order so bask in the glory of showing your true colors!

Love and home are where your heart is and this month you will either deepen your bonds to loved ones or move on. You are headed into a time of great emotional satisfaction so don't let old fears or doubts concerning fidelity or commitment get in your way. You actually benefit from focusing your heart strings, not only personally but professionally as well. With a stronger inner foundation, you can show your gifts to the world with confidence. With Jupiter in your sign for the next year, make a point of connecting to people directly, in the flesh, because you are imbued with magical powers of persuasion. As long as your beliefs are aligned with your goals, you are golden and as the year progresses, you bank account will reflect this as well.

It's time to settle down and find a home that suits you. You will either be moving or renewing your lease. You realize how important a healthy bonded home life is and you are willing to stay in one place long enough to make it happen. Travels decelerate and you can focus more on your internal life rather than your external commitments. Long-term, your growth expands from a stronger connection to self and Source and this may be reflected in the mirror of a beautiful partnership. You are a grownup now, don't let childhood fears undermine you. By month's end, you are in your splendor.

You may have gone through some changes with your family or best friend, possibly even leaving them behind. If they cannot emotionally support you anymore, it is time to sever the connection. You've got larger things on your plate to consider, particularly new associations who are passionate about your goals. Even your partner settles down a bit so that you can focus on your best selves. Your challenge and benefit is to think large in terms of your purpose and how you live your life. The Mercury retrograde may reconnect you with an old friend or reignite a dream. You've got the next few months to percolate and then when you birthday arrives, you will be properly nurtured and able to receive the accolades you deserve.

It's time to get your money