July 2013 Horoscope

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July 2013 Horoscope

situation in order. If you have been bleeding cash or working for less than you're worth, it's time to correct the situation. Yes, when Saturn is in the second house, money can sometimes be tight, but with the station direct, some of the limitations and brakes will come loose. Additionally, you will be able to count on your friends or significant other a bit more as they've gone through their own transition. The grand trine of abundance does link up your work, money and career houses so prosperity is the sum total of being emotionally connected to your purpose--and this can happen this year! Let go of the concept that you are not ready (that comes from your parents) and step into your full leadership potential.

After wavering or testing different waters, you are ready to commit to one goal or relationship full time. This actually supports your development because your strong suit is your emotional power. Rather than deflecting it or darkening it with emotional debris or drama, when clear, you have enormous creative potential. Some of the daily problems will subside and you can put your attention to yourself and your visions. One of these may include a soulmate lover and if they've proven themselves, time to move forward to another dimension of the partnership. Don't be naive about the future, use your strong perceptual abilities to cut through childishness and doubts. Be the king/queen you know yourself to be!

While you are supposed to be an optimistic sign, between Jupiter in Gemini and Saturn in Scorpio, you have been plagued by doubts and old karmic attachments. (These are in the mind and not real). The Saturn station releases you from these negative thoughts and you can begin to work on creative projects and fall into the arms of a loving mate. As with fellow fire sign Leo, your "luck" arrives with the acknowledgment of your emotional base so allow the feelings to flow. Going deeper is good as it frees up energy you might choose to deny or skip over. And when it comes to romance, fire and water create steam so this month, luxuriate in the connections that reflect your best self back to you. In this way, you regain your ascendancy as a spiritual guide and master.

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