July 2013 Horoscope

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July 2013 Horoscope

have felt that all your goals were put on hold this year and to some degree, with Saturn in your house of dreams, this was true. Many projects, connections will move forward this month. The purpose of the delay was to clear out the unnecessary or superficial attachments to make way for the most serious commitments. You also have been somewhat emotionally volatile (or your family/mother) and this will also begin to settle down. You are the sign right now most blessed with romantic prospects so over the next year, allow yourself to receive the bounty of the universe. The person who makes you feel full and grand and grateful is the one to hold onto. He or she sees you as royalty so whom are you to disagree?

Work prospects could have been slow going since February. That or the work you were doing felt burdensome or delayed. Once Saturn turns direct on the 7th, all the obstacles are removed and you can make headway in professional situations. You are also raring TO work and get your body into shape so motivate to eat and exercise regularly. Feeling happy in your skin is the best thing you can do to increase your career prospects as well as your bank account. And while the main focus is on your career, keep some time open for a grand romantic gesture. Summer in the sun will bring out your inner diva!

You may have been questioning your spiritual beliefs and philosophical perspectives these last six months. As a water sign, it is important that your emotional nature is pure and an understanding of the power of beliefs to affect feelings needed to be seen. It didn't help that money was an up and down situation. Both growth-inducing experiences finally get integrated. You are here to benefit from the Grand Water trine and your faith is a deciding factor. If ever there were a time to use the law of attraction to your benefit, this year is it. Your dreams for yourself are only limited by your perspective of yourself so let feelings of support and universal fulfillment move you in the direction of your best life. Fun in the sun also doesn't hurt so give yourself a play break while the universe does its magic!