June 2012 Horoscope

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June 2012 Horoscope


The June 4th eclipse is asking that you notice how your thoughts affect your reality, particularly with how you've processed information from events occuring in 2001. You may have felt that you were travelling through the fog of your fears and now you wake up to your true potential to make anything happen based on your intentions. The Venus eclipse happens in your house of friends and local community so be on the lookout for a brotherly or sisterly connection that can turn into something more.

Saturn turning direct in your significant others' house marks a turning point, most likely an ending, in a relationship. It is time to move on. Meanwhile, the 2012 energies are amping up your personality quotient and public profile so be ready to move into a more powerful career role. By navigating the changes and loving your self, you will magnetize your greatest desires in work, love and play!


Your resources and salary are highlighted early in the month and note how your talents and earning potential have grown (or not) over the last 11 years. Time to start a new cycle around abundance, and if that means a different career path, now's the time to birth new career goals. You have been confused, it's true, over what you needed to do with your life and thankfully, the haze will begin to lift and you will gain a new perspective on your future dreams. Money CAN finally come in, provided you market your wares in an attractive and playful manner. It's definitely time to up and quit if the job no longer satisfies, knowing that better options are available for you. And while your work life is most likely to affected, what's really happening underneath the surface is that you are undergoing a massive consciousness shift and opening up the restricted recesses of your mind. The end result is a more fertile and creative period for work and appreciation of your talents.


This is a very public period for Geminis, both in work and love. The early month eclipse traverses your axis of self and relationships. More than likely, a relationship has reached a pivot point and it's time to make your move toward leaving or furthering your commitment. You can't live in the past and it is possible that you've been looking at relationships through

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Wait, what? I thought I was

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