June Horoscope

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June Horoscope

Well, if you haven't felt it yet, get ready to see your life open up in a new way over the next few months.

Uranus (planet of change, chaos, liberation, awakening) has moved from Pisces (where it's been since 2002) into the sign of Aries (individualism, revolt, freedom, creation). Our Aries houses will be lit up and this is where we will be open to new developments and beginnings (as noted below). Jupiter (planet of expansion, adventure, intuition) will be conjoining Uranus on the World Axis on June 8th. Jupiter expands whatever it touches so yours and the world's need for rebellion and taking charge will be strong.

On the high end, it is about breaking free from restricting circumstances and leaping fully into life's currents. On the low end,(and possibly how it may reveal itself in political arenas) is in escalating warfare and hostility. (Aries is associated with combat, fighting, anger, combustibility). The last time time that Jupiter connected to Uranus in Aries was in 1927 so it's safe to say that none of us have experienced this energy before.

Warfare aside, how this energy may manifest is in new technological advances (Uranus being associated with science and technology and Aries with the new).

Likewise, as I have conjectured before, perhaps other dimensional beings or aliens may make themselves known to us on a global scale. Previous Jupite/Uranus conjunctions in other signs have correlated to the Man landingon the Moon and Charles Lindbergh travelling around the globe, enlarging our view of the world.

Right now, the future is approaching with wallop so best to clear the decks and let the new energy in.

Depending on your sign or rising sign, the vibrant take no prisoners energy of Aries will be happening here:

ARIES — be ready to be a hero or revolutionary figure in your own life, maintain integrity without burning bridges

TAURUS — you will be coming to terms with your true inner power and breaking free from previously unacknowleged fears, you will realize you don't need to hold onto your security with as much tenacity anymore

GEMINI — your world will open wide by entering a new social scene, your goals are changing to accomodate a larger vision of the future

CANCER career

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Not2Taem's picture

Sexual exploration

I'm for it. 

Patrice Kamins's picture

adult means emotionally maturity

Hi Tex,

And you may have "looked the other way" when you realized you had attracted an emotionally needy person.  Grownup is not a bad word.  It means we get to engage in R or X-rated activities with someone on our own level!

Tex's picture

R or X rated activities!

Yep, I can handle the activities! Thanks for explaining the 'adult'! I wanted to make sure she was still breathing....


Twitter Time @kdhales

Patrice Kamins's picture

Hlarious!!  No more

Hlarious!!  No more pampering, go for the gusto!

Patrice Kamins's picture

Addendum to Sag releasing

It goes both ways.  Letting go of thinking our partners can take care of us AND/or feeling the need to take care of our lovers.  Either way, time for an equal!

Grace Moon's picture

this was a very

good post for us sag folk

tweet tweet @gracemoon

karrr's picture



1) sizzling love affair

2) creative mojo

3) get to focus on ourselves and our own pursuits


and one out of the three has already come true for me at least! Wink

Tex's picture

Career ramping up....so is hurricane season!

Thank goodness I'm attracting an adult partner, and I don't have to take responsibility for what happens! That is the best horoscope I've had in months! 

Of course, now I'm a bit worried about what 'adult' means! Smile

Twitter Time @kdhales