June Horoscopes 2013

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June Horoscopes 2013

Read your horoscope for June;

As your sign placement is most closely aligned with the Natural Zodiac, your fourth house IS the Cancer house.  This means that you will be focussed on nesting and life's creature comforts.  And while cooking and nurturing will satisfy your body, you are seeking something much deeper, i.e. the connection to the archetypal Mother. Persistent fears seem to lift mid-month as you realize that you are replaying ancient mind scripts that may belong more to the collective than to yourself. Yet, during the Mercury retrograde, you will be looking into your childhood past to discover the roots of your insecurities. With Jupiter, the benevolent in attendence, these wounds can be erased and dispelled with ease.


Your focus this month may involve siblings or relationships with close friends. You notice who is there for you and who reminds you of a favorite or disgruntled brother or sister. You are in the midst of a overhaul of your friendships and when Neptune turns retrograde on the 11th, you'll have more clarity about who should stay or who should go. Likewise, time to reconsider your goals around a partnership.; Can this relationship go the distance? If there are problems, make sure you are not reliving the aforementioned situation with a your sibling. It's time to mend not only the present day fence, but the past time one as well.

While everyone else is focused on their childhoods, your interest is in your finances. You may be slightly confused about what it is you should be doing for money and thankfully, once Neptune turns retrograde, you will be better equipped to vision your future. There is a dream job out there for you and events around the 11th may begin to point the way to a new professional endeavor. Money will come up and make sure that you are not undervaluing your services. Take a few moments out during the Mercury retrograde cycle to notice where your self esteem was negatively impacted and forgive yourself and move forward. With Jupiter in your money house for the next 12 months, this is the time to dig for gold.

Now everyone knows what it's like to be a Cancer. The amount of water pervading the emotional landscape is intense and you are at one with its energies. It seems as if your spiritual and creative lives are merging and this could be in the form of a significant relationship. Otherwise, you are willing to commit to a larger vision for your life. The retrograde period will bring up old insecurities and you may find that to some degree, you are channeling your Mom's energies and delusions. You can work through this and you will find that a clear channel to the Divine mother, not your biological one, is what you have been seeking all along.


Everything is moving forward in your life and yet you are now in a nostalgic, cocooning mood. You've been trying to create the proper home and this month you succeed, with a partner's help. There is a need for comfort and security and while the physical surroundings can definitely be of benefit, the truth of the matter is that you want to find the ultimate home, the connection to Goddess. You are in luck because this is the year where you can truly relax into the knowledge that you are loved and taken care of.This year, you will have many angels behind the scenes, so no matter what is going on externally, all is good and as it should be.