June Horoscopes 2013

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June Horoscopes 2013

We don't usually think of Virgos as nostalgic or sentimental, but when it comes to your friendships or plans for the future, you always include a side-kick from your past. In fact, you do benefit from bringing forward old connections to family and friends. This may be in an attempt to find your family out in the world.  You are more serious in your commitments to personal relationships and this may be the year you decide to get married and or start a family. Whether in reality or in metaphor, you will create a sense of home in your community and all year long there will be many opportunities to give and receive nurturance.

Are you going back to an old professional connection or project? It's likely with Mercury retrograding in your career house. Additionally, if you've been adrift in your work life, you get a grip this month. You can sometimes be plagued by "mystery" illnesses, but this is more due to insecurity and emotional self-sabotage. A light is being shone into this pattern and you can overcome fears of financial loss or emotional abandonment. You want to get this straight because this is a fabulous year for success and professional acheivements. And if you're looking for a "patron," this is the year to pitch your wares to some very prominent and financially large individuals.


You may find yourself having a major relapse into dreamland or childish notions of how the world works.   Despite your caniness and laser-like intelligence, you can be guilty of "Alice in Wonderland" thinking.  This doesn't mean that dreams don't come true, however—especially now. If you are emotionally mature, i.e. keeping your feelings in check, you can build the stadium. You are taken care of when you have an honest relationship with God.  No bargaining, just straight talk. Likewise, many of your supporters have an international connection so literal or mental travel are keys to your success.


While to the outer world, you are larger than life, you are kind of a softy when it comes to relationships. Oftentimes you find yourself in the role of caretaker or parent. While not totally scientific, many Sadges have "crazy" mothers and hence they must raise their siblings themselves. This can translate into the adult bedroom. This month, you can become aware of this pattern and rework the present day scenario. This is crucial because you want to be with a winner. With Jupiter in the 8th house this entire next year, it is possible to connect with very influential and growth enhancing individuals, not children, so keep your options open.

Like Sagittarius, you can find yourself in relationships with individuals who are not your emotional or behavioral equal. And yes, you have the natural polarity of Cancer so will attract those who need nurturing. Yet, there is another way around this. You can find people to nurture YOU. You kind of wake up this month around your patterns of "resignation to difficult circumstances" and realize you can aim higher. With Jupiter in your 7th house of relationship for the next 12 months, there will be ample opportunities to attract the person who wants to take care of you instead of the other way around.

You might not be the most expressive person in the world, but when it comes to your work, you are downright emotional. You can regress to feelings of helplessness or touchiness when the going gets rough. Fortunately or unfortunately, you were way ahead of your peers in high school but had to keep the lid shut. Similar circumstances may appear now where you feel misunderstood. Notice the connection to your younger years and choose to put the energy into passion and creativity rather than childish work drama.  The irony is, you can do really well this year in whatever job you choose, so live in the present, not the past.


If you haven't fallen in love yet, you will by month's end. There's a softening in the universe and it is totally in alignment with your natural romanticism. If you've been uncertain which way to turn, you will awaken with the answer mid-month. Despite your spiritual demeanor, you sometimes fear that the universe doesn't have your back.
Take heart as that is only a delusion and events this month will prove that you are indeed loved. For those interested in birthing a child, a lover or a creative project,
you have the next six months to make it happen easily.