Kerry Eleveld on PBS News Hour Talks Obama's Equality Endorsment

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Kerry Eleveld on PBS News Hour Talks Obama's Equality Endorsment

I'm sure we all have our own theory on why Obama finally announced his support for Marriage Equality. But here's former White House correspondent Kerry Eleveld explaining to Judy Woodruff on PBS News Hour why Obama evolved. Bottom line, White House dithering finally caught up to them, and as the saying goes; either blank or get off the pot.


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Robin Rigby's picture

Everyone's assuming that he

Everyone's assuming that he was pushed to say something because of Biden but Kathy Griffin (yeah, I know) posted a quote from a friend of hers who works in Washington who said that the VP doesn't go on a Sunday news program and say anything without the White House planning it in advance. He said that in reality Joe Biden's announcement was a chance to send out feelers in advance of Obama making his statement. 

He might have been pushed to say something sooner because the response to Biden was so strong but Biden was put out there to pave the way. 

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I don't think he was forced

I don't think he was forced into anything by Biden either.  I was wondering though, if the strong response to Biden gives him an "out" if criticized for rushing on gay rights - he can say Biden forced his hand even if it isn't true.

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Hmm. Romney's had the same

Hmm. Romney's had the same view "since running for office." Wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that most of these bastards couldn't care less one way or the other; it's about courting the conservative vote....

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I was flipping between MSNBC

I was flipping between MSNBC & CNN yesterday at the gym and both channels showed Romney speaking "gingerly" about the President's statement. Romney isn't going to press Obama on this for two reasons 1) he said he was even more pro-gay than Teddy Kennedy and 2) he was governor of MA when the state passed gay marriage. 

He'd be shooting his campaign in the foot, no, the chest if he created a battle on this - esp now that Obama has come down decisively on this issue, instead of waffling, cuz we all know (and as Eleveld pointed out above and as I pointed out in a column yesterday), Obama was pro-gay marriage in the 90s.

Romney doesn't seem to have much of an angle with Obama either -- we've seen him claim responsibility for all of Obama's accomplishments. I think his campaign will have to stick to some vague (and misguided and misinformed) culture war between "the heartland" and "sodom-land"

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The fact that Obama waited to

The fact that Obama waited to say this until Romney was the presumptive Republican nominee makes me wonder if he would have made such an announcement before the election if one of the other candidates had won the primary.  (One with no pro-gay track record, that is.)

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From what I understand, Obama

From what I understand, Obama had planned to come out supporting gay marriage sometime prior to the DNC's Convention this summer -- it just so happened that Plain Speak Joe (Biden) pre-empted, the annoucement was bumped up, because of Biden, but also because Obama is doing massive amounts of fundraising in California (LA/Hollywood) and, I heard, was feeling nervous about having to be wishy-washy to such an adamantly pro-gay crowd. 

He made $1mil in the 90 minutes after his announcement -- before that tacky email was sent out. This weekend he's heading to Hollywood for even more money.

Robin Roberts was literally told that she'd be flying down to DC for a sitdown with the President about stuff the night before...she had no idea that gay marriage would be THE thing (which makes sense now, because I don't think reporting such an event, from her private/personal perspective, was ideal)....

And, to your point: everyone knew Romney would be the candidate. Regardless of how well the other marginal figures polled -- Romney has spent years developing statewide campaign bases across the US, making him nearly indestructable as his party's nominee. It's reminiscent to everyone being excited about Bill Bradley in 2000 and not realizing that Gore (who I worked for) never would've lost the nomination -- because of money and because of the infrastructure that came along with that money. It's really rare that fringe politicians win things, which is why the Tea Party is so startling ... I think they could only ever be successful on a state level.