Lesbian Maturity and Other Bear Tales

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Lesbian Maturity and Other Bear Tales

In today's North America, people find it surprising that farm kids often get married very young. After I met a few of these couples, what surprised me more was the fact that they were ready to get married that young. I can't think of any of my A-level college friends who would have been mature enough to handle marriage back then.

So, why do they grow up so fast out here in the sticks? It's because of what they do. The process of growing up begins with learning and experience, but to become an adult, a teenager must leave their casual experiential lifestyle and start to work with the talent or passion they discover in themselves.  The responsibility and social interaction of work, of doing something, is what generates maturity. For farm children, chores are ubiquitous and taking responsibility is a way of life. Maturity sneaks up while they are busy doing something else.

However, our initial life goals are often unfocused or just plain wrong, so we have to adjust them along the way. This requires keeping that childlike mindset of curiosity and eagerness to try new things. Of course, “childlike” doesn't mean “childish”...

These thoughts rolled around my head as six friends and I piled onto four ATVs and set off down a well-beaten trail to see a waterfall. I had other things to do, but taking an adventuresome break in a childlike spirit is the best form of chronic stress relief. Not to mention all the fresh air. (The early morning slightly-below-freezing temperature made it very fresh indeed.) My spirits improved as I bounced down the trail, riding shotgun in a side-by-side ranger so I could snap photos along the way.

As we extracted ourselves from a particularly nasty mud hole, another group of ATVs caught up with us. They rode light racing machines not intended for off-road travel and a couple of them broke down in the middle of the swamp. To our surprise, there was not a single mechanic or tool kit among their group. Meanwhile, a bass roar of more powerful ATVs heralded the arrival of a third group. It didn't sound like they would have any any trouble, but it turned out they had been smoking some equally powerful weed. The happy drug drivers heedlessly dived into the deepest mud holes, then crashed into one another as they

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Steph's picture

Another fab piece Conlite!  I

Another fab piece Conlite!  I particularly liked the reference to A Levels! 

My mum and dad are always moaning about how childlike most young male adults are these days - in attire, behaviour, hobbies etc etc.  I totally get where they are coming from to be honest.

Interestingly, one of the reasons me and gf got a dog last year is we decided it would do us good to have responsibility for something other than ourselves but I have to say I don't think we are a particularly strong example of the "gay lifestyle"! 

Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts!

SMBrown's picture

Love this piece, Conlite!

Love this piece, Conlite!  It's too late at night for me to write something intelligent in response, but I intend to muse on it as I fall asleep and hopefully have something more articulate to add tomorrow...   

Grace Moon's picture

didn't know that about the lesbian bears.

I just read this article last night on Y-geners reevaluating their futures since hitting these economic times.

Going from "entitlement" kids (with an over abundance of self confidence), to a more austere yet still somewhat (still) optimistic outlook on their future.

I take it the folks in the ATVs weren't farm kids.

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Conlite's picture

Cool article.  Probably the

Cool article.  Probably the lack of drive for maturity in the general population also has to do with the overabundance of affordable toys and entertainment in this digital world.  Escapism has become too easy.  But then, every generation says that about the one that comes after!