Lesbian Moms FTW, Elton WTF, and Brand New Gaga

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Lesbian Moms FTW, Elton WTF, and Brand New Gaga

A new study that shows the children of lesbian couples to have fewer behavior problems than kids on average is drawing criticism from conservative groups. Shocker. The study, which was published recently in the journal Pediatrics, consisted of interviews and surveys which followed 78 lesbian couples and their kids for almost 25 years.

Overall, kids with lesbian moms rated higher in "social, academic and total competence" and lower in "social, rule-breaking, aggressive problem behavior" than their peers. Even Dr. Nanette Gartrell, the author of the study, was surprised by her findings. "I would have anticipated the kids would be doing as well as the normative sample," Gartrell said. "I didn't expect better." Well, duh. It's all that processing!

In entertainment news, Elton John, who once teamed up on-stage with rapper Eminem to say "give peace with guys who capitalize on homophobia in rap and hip hop culture a chance," has topped himself in the WTF department. Over the weekend, John performed at a celebrity wedding. Whose wedding was it? Perhaps Alanis Morisette's? Nope. What, did Sting renew his vows? Or did one of those nice kids of Princess Diana's elope? No and no. Elton John sang at RUSH LIMBAUGH'S wedding.

Yeah. Rush "When a gay person turns his back on you, it is anthing but an insult; it's an invitation" Limbaugh. Well, I don't know. Maybe they're pals. According to People Magazine, John and Limbaugh agree on gay marriage (of which neither are fans) and, perhaps, free market enterprise as well: John was paid a cool $1 million to perform. Yeah. Elton, honey? Honestly. There's not enough money in the world for a self-respecting gay person to perform at this guy's birthday party, much less his wedding.

Finally, Lady Gaga's third music video from her mega hit sophomore effort, The Fame Monster, is due out this morning. The video for "Alejandro," a snippet of which was previewed last week on Larry King Live, is said to be Gaga's homage to her friendships with gay men. See for yourself! You can watch "Alejandro" below:

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Erika Davis's picture

I love the Lesbian Moms Article!

I can't wait to see the back lash from the crazies on this one.  "No way can two woman have more well-rounded children than a man and a woman!"


Erika has spoken.
Now, go read my blog Smile

Lake's picture

Who the hell ...

is the chick that married Rush???   Is she having a WTF moment?


Not2Taem's picture

Missing pic?

Thanks for the update. Is there supposed to be a GaGa pic or something after Elton? All I get is a big space.  Sad

Yea, for Lez Moms!

Julia Watson's picture

There's just the pic of Gaga

There's just the pic of Gaga with Elton. Not sure why you're getting blank space?

Steph's picture

I am too!  Btw, Jane Lynch

I am too! 

Btw, Jane Lynch rocked up at the BAFTAs the other night to present an award and Graham Norton was practically besides himself from excitement!

Julia Watson's picture

Ha. I am still waiting for

Ha. I am still waiting for the vid to finish loading so I can watch it, but I just embedded it at the bottom of this blog. So far all I've seen are:

1) militarized fascist queers w/ nazi imagery

2) nazi bug queen gaga

Crap. Who gave her the treatment for my musical?!

Julia Watson's picture

Okay, so my initial reading

Okay, so my initial reading of this video is this: Gaga joins the imaginary gay mafia, as part of which she confronts and slays the imbedded homophobia of her socio-religious background as a good Italian Catholic girl. Also, she processes the extent to which she is excluded from and embraced by gay male sexuality and culture.

This one didn't grab me as much as the last two. I think her fucked up sense of humor is one of her most effective tools in exposing the underbelly of our culture, and humor is seriously lacking here. That said, I CANNOT WAIT to read all the nonsense conservative commentators are going to spout about this thing. "The GAY NAZIS are coming! RUN!!" Hahahahahahaha.

geek4grammar's picture

ok, just watched it...

and I pretty much agree w/ your assessment, jules. her dark humor is missing, but I think I could handle the "serious gaga" if there were more fluidity in the tempo of the piece overall...there's a certain monotone to this that keeps it from reaching a satisfying dénouement, IMHO. I still really liked some parts...the dancing was gorgeous...and hello, machine-gun-boobs! can't argue w/ that ;p

We're all born naked. The rest is drag.
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

geek4grammar's picture

pink mafia invasion!

okay, I don't have time to watch this vid right now (8:44! another gaga epic!) but I'm looking forward to making time tonight...it might soothe my post-glee-finale-blues...and I wanna see the gay nazis attack!! ;p

We're all born naked. The rest is drag.
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

Grace Moon's picture

re. pic

just fixed it. sometimes when you paste in a link to a pic from another site its does werid things.

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