Lesbian Night Life: GO Mag Party, Michelle Rodriquez and More

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Lesbian Night Life: GO Mag Party, Michelle Rodriquez and More

Grace Moon: Okay, so how was the GO magazine party?
KL:  Dyke drama of the highest order… which I can’t talk about.

Moon: Tease!
KL:  Dani Campbell hosted… of Tila Tequila fame, so five minutes, three years ago. As far as I know she's a washed up reality TV star. Maybe there are things she's doing that I haven’t heard about.
Moon: Yeah no kidding… what about Michelle Rodriguez did she show?
KL:  Michelle Rodriguez is hot and wore tiny glasses, very low-key.
Moon: Tiny glasses? For reading?
KL:  Like little black glasses. Not bifocals! Every butch, femme, and everyone in between I know has a crush on her.
So did you try and dance with her like did with Chloe Sevigny?

KL:  No. I was busy hiding from/fighting with exes. good times! The music was REALLY good both the Truckstop DJ and Michelle really, really, good, great mashups. They weren't only playing obvious stuff. Everyone danced all night.
Moon: How many people showed up?
KL:  Well over a thousand I think. The place was packed, you could barely move.

Moon: So it was packed even though the place was shut down by the cops the night before? That place keeps getting shut down for violating some code or another…
KL:  I know, right? I have seen that space be so many different things. It was Crobar, and before it was Crobar it was something I cant remember, and now it's M2 ultra lounge, P Diddy's newest ultra lounge…
Moon: Gads, that place is like an old pair of underwear. If these drawers could talk!
KL: Yes. it is so difficult being a lesbian in this goddamn city. Seriously. You cannot be in a woman-only space at night, listen to music, dress up, drink drinks, without it being a painful trip down memory lane…
Moon: Hah!
KL: Like, 'oh, there's that friend who used me. There's that ex who dumped me for a woman with no teeth, etc…

Anyway, back to the party. Everyone was frantically making out with each other. It was like musical chairs with peoples' mouths.
Moon: Really? I so missed out then.
KL:  Why didn't you go, btw?
Moon: I needed to work early in the morning. I can't be out boozing and making out with strangers on a Tuesday night?! Maybe a Friday or Saturday…

Do you think people came to see M-Rod?
KL:  Yes, I think people came to see her. It made the event more high-brow.

Moon: M-Rod made it high-brow? That must be a first!
KL:  People don't care about Dani Campbell.
Moon: …and honestly who wants to still be associated with Tila Tequila. She is such a TOOL. I seriously don't get why anyone gives a shit about her? And OUT magazine interviewed her as a role model?! WTF are those gays thinking?

KL: She milked her gf's death for publicity! Beyond disgusting… she and Heidi Montag. I don't understand. You'd rather be famous for being a vapid, idiotic press-whore? Wouldn't they prefer to have integrity?

Moon: I'm with you sister. Who did you make out with any one you didn't know?
KL:  All NY lesbians look exactly the same. Seriously. Same hair. Same bodies. Same style. Kinda made me sad. There were a few cut-rate lady gaga types thrown into the mix. You know, women wearing zany little hats pinned to their heads
Moon: Have dykes stopped dressing like Shane and Bette?
KL:  For the most part, it was a black pants suit wearing gaggle of gays. Business dykes with the occasional Gaga thrown in.

Moon: I was going to ask if the L Word look is over yet, but I guess not.
KL: Not even close. There were like four genderqueer/butch women there.
Moon: Do you have any final words?

KL: Hmmm. That the party was awesome and Amy Lesser is the best. That it seems like more lesbians go out to celebrate dyke nightlife awards than they do attend dyke nightlife spaces?

Moon: Interesting assessment. We need more reason to celebrate ourselves than to just get drunk and laid.
KL:  Very true. where are all the community organizers? Why aren’t there other large-scale lesbian events?

Moon: Its a good question. They are expensive. But I just committed to Diana this morning that I’m going to organize one for Vp this summer.
KL:  What would the theme be?
Moon:  Dunno, but you’re gonna be the host. XO

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mimaduck's picture


Very funny!

Tiff's picture


It took me about ten reads to realize chelilektra was being sarcastic. Totally missed the :-/ in the post. Had to alter my comment when I figured it out, but I felt like it needed to be said, in case other people missed it like I did....

Joanne Robertson's picture

For the record.

many people care about Dani Campbell ... (2,175) on her fb alone.

and it isn't her, who keeps associating herself with that tacky show or Tila-what's-her-face ... it's other people who can't seem to move on.

Regardless of what DC does now (Firefighting?) she's still attractive and really hasn't done anything worthy of being dissed on here.

and you spelt her name wrong twice.

Grace Moon's picture


i take it you are a fan.

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Joanne Robertson's picture

"fan" is a strong word

I don't begrudge people for taking the opportunities they've been handed.  If someone asked you or KL to host that event, I doubt you would turn them down.

I think there's a touch of elitism & jealousy in the celesbian world.  So few are chosen.

Grace Moon's picture

I think my issue is

"chosen" for the wrong reasons.

But I do hear you.


tweet tweet @gracemoon

Joanne Robertson's picture

At least she's out

unlike the other person who swims in the lesbian pool and made money from the community, while at the same time refusing to come out.


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Amy Nicole Miller's picture

perfect reply.

perfect reply. Smile

Amy Nicole Miller's picture

We need to have M-Rod at our

We need to have M-Rod at our party. NEED.

Tex's picture


If you're there we don't need M-Rod!

Twitter Time @kdhales

deedee's picture

Somebody please Help me

I want to know where to go to ask questions about upgrading my account here ,I have a few questions? Thanks

Grace Moon's picture

hey Dx2

my email is on the about page, shoot me an email and I'll try help you sort out your questions.

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Tex's picture


Today I'm letting the hair under my arms start growing out for the Vp summer event! 


Twitter Time @kdhales

minniesota's picture

Sartorial question

Grace, would my Bill Blass jean jacket be stylish enough for a VP event this summer? Or maybe I could wear my Dani Campbell futch tee? Just planning ahead!

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Grace Moon's picture


Premium users get VIP treatment at any Vp event.

How's that?

in other words you will be treated special even if you wear a potatoe sack. Wink

tweet tweet @gracemoon

minniesota's picture


PSST: Don't tell Rusty because she hates the concept of "futch" but I just ordered another Dani Campbell futch tee shirt. The one I bought from her booth at the Dinah 2008 has held up well and it is one of my favorite shirts.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Calogero's picture


Really should be banned from public spaces. Well at least those frequented by other people...


" Teachers teach and do the world good, Kings just rule and most are never understood "

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Herstory lesson of the day...

You don't have to like her, but she did it first, even before Ellen DeGeneres. 


"I was the first one to put out a TV show about bisexuality and a lot of people came out to me at the time and said, "Your show really helped me come out." And then, right after season 2, Katy Perry made "I Kissed a Girl" and then everybody was kissing girls and then Ellen [DeGeneres] came out [Ed note: Ellen DeGeneres actually came out of the closet in 1997] and everybody started coming out, slowly. It became a topic of conversation. So I definitely think that it allowed people to talk about it and pay attention to it and not turn a blind eye to what’s out there. So, you don’t have to like me but I did it first." Tila





"Bitch, what you don't know about me is that I can just about fit in the Grand fucking Canyon. Did you know that I always wanted to be a dancer in Vegas?" Silent Bob

Calogero's picture


She’s right about one thing; I don’t have to like her. Honestly, I could care less where folks like her are concerned.

Even if that statement in OUT were true (which, in her deluded state I’m sure she believes is) It’s impossible for me to respect, or take seriously someone who, as Katie and Grace pointed out, has zero integrity. And for someone to continuously allow themselves to be associated with her as Campbell has, to me, kind of says a lot about them too. I mean It’s reality TV. Take your 5 minutes and well, go back to reality.

It’s somewhat sad but true that everyone has a price and sometimes, the fee isn’t always bankable.

" Teachers teach and do the world good, Kings just rule and most are never understood "

Robin Rigby's picture

I didn't watch Shot at

I didn't watch Shot at Love but I don't know that it's necessarily Dani who is still hitching her wagon to Tila's train, it may be all of the lesbians who fell in lust with her while she was on the show.  They all think she's hot and they clamor for a chance to meet her.  While it's true that she could just say no to all these invites- If she wanted attention enough to go on a reality show do you really think she's suddenly going to become spotlight shy?

Calogero's picture

Not at all

I don't expect her to shy away from it.

GO asked her to host and for whatever reasons, she does have a following. I just don't get why she still has to publicise herself as 'Dani from a shot of love with Tila' (which she does). She already has those fans, to continue to advertise herself through Tila’s name (which she effectively is) will only encourage some to view her in the same light in which they see Tequila, be it right or wrong.

Granted, some will always refer to her as such, but it's down to her to decide enough is enough and start selling herself as Dani... insert whatever it is she does now. If the appearance offers dry up, so be it. She seemed like a nice girl on the show and if Joanne is right, over 2000 people think she's attractive... So she won't have to cope with the rejection alone.

Anyway, it sounds like the party was fun. Though not my type, Rodriguez is hot. A crowd puller for various reasons...

" Teachers teach and do the world good, Kings just rule and most are never understood "

Tiff's picture

She's insane

Every source I can find says she started her career in 2000, at the age of eighteen, and at that point, it was modeling, and not particularly high-profile modeling, at that. Her television show didn't air until 2007, so it's kind of hard to believe she was really out there "inspiring" girls to come out before Ellen. She was born in 1981. That would have made her less than sixteen when Ellen came out on her show. From what I can find, Tila wasn't anything more than a rebellious teenager at that point. In any case, her show wasn't about bisexuality from what I can gather. If anything it was an insult to bisexuality. If she's served as an inspiration to "bisexuals" I imagine they are more of the Katy Perry 'I kissed a girl and I liked it' sort, because I can't think of a single bisexual friend who doesn't find her insulting.

Seriously, does she think she can get away with saying this sort of thing without intelligent people calling her out on it? Then again, I guess her appeal doesn't really lay with that group, anyway....

Tex's picture

excuse the go between...

Tiff, that was fantastic!

Twitter Time @kdhales

Grace Moon's picture


Tiff thanks for interating that... her exploitative attitude on the backs of the real community irritate me to no end!

tweet tweet @gracemoon