Lesbians in Love to Cheer You Up

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Lesbians in Love to Cheer You Up

The other night Prof C and I were having "dinner with computers" which is when we are both too stressed out with work to actually take a break so we sit at the dining room table and chat intermitently over MacBooks with grilled chicken and broccoli.

This weeks dinner with computers turned into a mini film festival when filmmaker Tony Comstock sent me a tweet asking if I'd sit on a panel with him at a screening of his new film.

I immediately tweeted back, "Sure!" without asking anything about the film, the panel, or where I'd be speaking, because

1. I'm a spaz

2. I'm familiar enough with his work to know I'd be on board.

Plus the title is Brett and Melanie: Boi Meets Girl which tells me a lot.

Here's why I want to tell you all about Comstock Films today. Things are bad right now, right? We've had a string of teen suicides; young queer people driven to kill themselves because they didn't know how to cope with the shame and fear they feel growing up in a world that is completely hostile to them. I'm depressed. You're depressed. We are all depressed about this. It sucks.

So where do you find positive representations of sexuality between queer people who are totally in love?

Enter Comstock Films' Real People, Real Life, Real Sex series. This is a series of documentary style feature films that contain explicit sex. The couples talk about themselves, their relationship, and their sex lives and also have explicit sex on camera. Yes, explicit sex and relationship processing mixed together just you do at home.

I was digging around on the Comstock Films website looking for a preview of Brett and Melanie: Boy Meets Girl when I found this clip from one of Tony's previous films Ashley and Kisha: Finding the Right Fit. It's a great film; probably one of my favorites in the series. Ashley and Kisha are just so cute and maybe what we all need to see right now is a young queer couple making it work.

The girls candidly discuss how they got together and the looks and whispers that went down on campus once they did. And they are OK. They are brave, happy, flirty and in love. This clip is just them talking about how they met, it's completely PG rated so you can even watch it at work. It's really worth watching and will give you hope for young gay love.

You can find a slightly more explicit clip on the website should you be so inclined.

I also included a PG rated clip from Brett and Melanie: Boy Meets Girl below. In the clip Melanie talks about how she figured out she was femme and what it means to be both feminine and strong. The story she tells is one a lot of us can relate to, and it's nice to watch a real lesbian couple interact. I'll post a full review of the film once I get a screener, but judging from the clip, it's going to be great.

Ashley and Kisha: Finding the Right Fit


Brett and Melanie: Boi Meets Girl

Note from the filmmaker: The clip was taken from a point in the editing process the footage from both cameras is shown. The story is now “locked”, and decisions on when to show the close-up, and when to show the two-shot are being finalized. As with our other films, the final cut will not have any split-screen effects.


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SMBrown's picture

Wow, love these!!  And

Wow, love these!!  And yes--just what the doctor ordered!

culturevulture's picture


Great clips! Can you share more details about the screening of Brett and Melanie - like will it screen in NYC, when and where? I definitely want to go.

KJ's picture

So rad!

So rad!