Lesbians Rule the Beauty Market...Next, the World?

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Lesbians Rule the Beauty Market...Next, the World?

I was tickled pink when CoverGirl named Ellen DeGeneres one of their celebrity models. I thought it was really smart, indeed "progressive" of them, to make such a bold choice to represent their "Easy Breezy," All-American-As-Apple-Pie brand. 

(Ellen as the face of the "Simply Ageless" line.)

CoverGirl has even taken to playing with Ellen's sexuality by placing her in a new commercial with that Modern Family hot tamale, Sofia Vergara:

As I was flipping through this month's Lucky Magazine yesterday, I happened upon two OPI ads, placed back-to-back or, more appropriately, recto-to-recto:

which was followed by a noticeably air-brushed Minaj:

My jaw dropped on the A Train. What is OPI's deal? Is there some femme nail polish market that I'm unfamiliar with? (Granted, as I write this, my nails are painted silver....) I know Jane Lynch is shelling everything from Healthy Choice frozen meals to Barnes & Noble's NOOK—but nail polish? RILLLY?

Amber Heard aside (because she's EVERYWHERE...and I, frankly, don't know why....), are lesbians—finally—flexing their financial muscle? Are companies realizing or perceiving this and wanting to capitalize on this budding market? 

Move over, gay boys, cuz Suze Orman has taught us a thing or two.....

Lesbians, soon to rule the ($$) world?

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Fastgurrrl's picture

Ellen and CoverGirl

Some people dismiss Ellen, since she signed with CoverGirl, over animal torture, I mean testing, for human convenience and vanity. Ellen is doing a lot to advocate for animals and I think she can be a catalyst for change inside a company like CG, like shame them into it or show them it is unnecessary, and they can make lots of money without being known as sadistic torturers. I don't know if she was vegan or if she was aware of the animal torture before signing with CG, but I don't think she is phony and her awareness levels now must  have her thinking how she can affect change within them. I give her the benefit of the doubt. (as opposed to Paula "Big Phony" Deen http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504763_162-57360978-10391704/paula-deen-reve...) Cute commercial, love how EllenandPortia is on the bottom right through the whole thing. Go on Portia. : )

"...recto-to-recto..." Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, good one!

Jane looks great. I have to look up Minaj, don't know her.

Marcie Bianco's picture

I found this bit from a

I found this bit from a "VegiFem" blog:

"Yet, despite Ellen's commitment to veganism, she is now the new face of Covergirl, a company which continues to test on animals. Proctor and Gamble, Cover Girl's parent company, claims to be committed to ending the use of animals in non-food product research. However, as their statement indicates, the company has only eliminated animal testing for 80% of their products. (They are still listed on PETA's web site as testing on animals."

...if you Google "ellen + covergirl + animal testing" you'll get a shit-ton of results ....this issue just got (more) perplexing!

Conlite's picture

Setting aside the PETA

Setting aside the PETA politics, I was convinced of the awesomeness of the Ellen-as-Cover-Girl idea when I saw her in a three full pages ad in reader's digest.  Three pin-up photos of the biggest lesbo in the world in a conservative-leaning publication like that can't be a bad thing!

Fastgurrrl's picture

"Setting aside the PETA politics?"

Animals being tortured is not about PETA or politics, or am I taking you as being dismissive about what happens to these beings incorrectly?

Conlite's picture

Sorry!  Badly phrased!  I am

Sorry!  Badly phrased!  I am not dismissive of the cosmetics industry's abuse of animals (have been against it since I heard about it almost 30 years ago) or PETA (even though I'm not a vegetarian).  I was simply trying to look at another aspect of her ad presence.  Many apologies if I hurt anyone's feelings.

Fastgurrrl's picture


Thanks for the clarification. You did not hurt my feelings, I wanted to understand where you were coming from with your comment. Even if you didn't give a crap about animals and were laughing at what happens to them you could never hurt my or anyone's feelings more than they are physically hurt.

Robin Rigby's picture

If it's any consolation, I

If it's any consolation, I didn't take it as dismissive.

You (intentionally or not) have brought up a good point and that is that Ellen, like all humans, is a complex person not a one-issue person. Unless you're her you don't know what she was thinking when she decided to become a Cover Girl. Maybe she was thinking she could pressure the company to change, as others have suggested. Maybe she was thinking what a great service she could do for middle-aged women, letting them know that even someone like them can be a CG (since she has a regular Jane image). Maybe she was thinking about increasing lesbian visibility. Maybe all or none of the above. 

This is why I have a problem with measuring a person's character by any one decision they make. Not that I'm saying that anyone here is doing this but because I see it happen all the time. I think we all deserve to be judged based on the entirety of our selves, even celebrities & politicians. 

Not2Taem's picture

Well said

Well said

Marcie Bianco's picture

Fastgurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl I

Fastgurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl Smile

I should look into CG's ethics re animal testing/torture. Ellen is a vocal animal rights advocate, so -- one would hope! -- she'd take that into account before signing onto CG.....

Anthony Bourdain laid the smackdown on poor Diabetes 2 yesterday....can't she just ride her butter and live in peace (!).

tee hee...recto-to-recto double entendre, ?tu sabes?


Grace Moon's picture

Yes please let Paula just

Yes please let Paula just ride her butter...

tweet tweet @gracemoon