Love Post-Hurricane Sandy: A BYOG Check-in

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Love Post-Hurricane Sandy: A BYOG Check-in

Hurricane Sandy paid a visit to the east coast less than 24 hours ago. I was blessed with much more than survival. I’m lucky. Lucky, because I’m sitting at my desk, with lamp turned on, with baked goods in the oven, with heater on something above 70, writing this for you. Lucky, because I have friends and loved ones whom- through no fault of their own- are without power, without internet, enduring flooding, awaiting the removal of fallen trees and power lines, and so much more.

I take care to emphasize the fact that these particular damages are through no fault of their own because it’s important to acknowledge that yes; crisis situations arise in our lives even when we do not invite them in willingly. Nobody went outside and said “Oh yes, Sandy, please! Knock over this tree so that it can fall on my car! Please Sandy, set all of Queens on fire with your mixture of entirely too much wind, rain, and array of things that can short circuit and burst into flame!” At least I don’t think anyone did. Still, these are things that happened.  These are things that could not be controlled.


I have friends who are currently without electricity, also unable to leave their homes, also without dry/packaged food items, also without candles, also without flashlights, and so much more.  This leads me to believe that they are also without sense.  Why? Because there were warnings.  Several warnings. Yes, some of these warnings seemed a tad … let’s just go with “extra” … but the point is, we knew well before the storm hit that it was coming our way.  There was time to go to the grocery store. There was time to go to Wal-Mart, Target, 7-Eleven, the neighborhood bodega, Family Dollar, wherever was closest in order to secure items necessary for surviving a Frankenstorm (caused by the effects of global warming/climate change, despite what some Republicans might tell you) turning NYC, NJ, and parts of Pennsylvania into a dark, bleak ocean.

Do you know the difference between preparing for the effects of a hurricane and making the personal choice to “chance it” and ignore all warnings?

Comfort. Comfort is the difference.

There is a huge difference in the level of comfort between sitting in your apartment with board games, liquor, water, dry food supplies, candles, and friends (or whatever keeps