Love Thine Enemy

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Love Thine Enemy

Okay, we all know the tension between progressive and conservative America is reaching a fever pitch. We know that Congress has been acting like the spoiled rich girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Of course it's hard not to see our opponents as "the enemy" when they keep screwing our economy with their insane demands; then when they get what they want, and find out there are actual negative consequences (like, oh, having our international credit rating take a hit), they blame it on the president. Of course it's infuriating-- I get it, I'm pissed at them too. They're acting like idiots. 

But I still expect the organizations and advocates who represent us to hold themselves to a higher standard of fairness and reasoned debate. That's why I felt so sad when I watched this video clip-- presented to me not by CBS News, but by, under the heading "8 Amazing Words This Feisty Dem Has for the Tea Party:"

I admit, when I read the heading, I got a little jolt of savage glee: "Oh, yay, someone smart on my side is gonna tell the Tea Party what a bunch of dumb assholes they are. Let's eat some chips and enjoy this." But after I watched it, all my glee was gone. Because Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) didn't tell the Tea Party anything about why they're dumb. She didn't actually say anying about what she believes in, or what she wants to see change, or what's being messed up by the political turmoil in our government bodies right now. She just told them to go straight to hell. And seconded the motion.

Seriously, what happened to "be the change you want to see in the world?" Have we really reached the point where just telling each other to go to hell passes as reasonable political debate? is supposed to represent the values and ideals of liberal America, and my values are not well represented by just telling my opponents that they suck and we rock. Judging our adversaries as fundamentally bad people who deserve to go to hell is not okay. I know this because it's also not okay when they do it to us. We have to be better than this. Otherwise, we're no better than them. 

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Robin Rigby's picture

I can't see the video on my

I can't see the video on my iPhone. Will have to check it out tonight. But I sometimes ask myself "What exactly has the high road gotten us?". The more we continue to big the bigger people the smaller and smaller they get and the more of our rights (and our jobs, homes, etc) they take away. It might be time for a good old fashioned smackdown.

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I was kind of thinking along

I was kind of thinking along the same lines, but also waiting till I could get the video to play.  Now that I have seen it, what strikes me is not that she told the tea party to go to hell, but that the whole crowd gives a standing ovation.  I think people are getting tired of being told that the tea party is some hallowed grassroots movement that we must treat politely, then hearing the tea party and their representatives say and do some of the ugliest things out there.  Maybe there are some kinds of crazy that we should not continue to dignify with polite debate (after they've had their third, fourth, and a hundred and fifth chances)?

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Now that I've seen the video

Now that I've seen the video I want to give that woman a standing ovation. Go to hell, Tea Party!