March 2013 Horoscope

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March 2013 Horoscope


You are learning how to work with others, and benefit financially from the associations. There are opportunities for strong professional alliances all month long. And you haven't even begun to show your true colors yet! You've been adrift with Mercury in Pisces in your 12th house, bringing up all sorts of fears and sense of fatalism. Once Mercury turns direct and all the personal planets show up in your first house, you will be bursting with vitality, originality and innovation. The surprise breakthrough of the month happens to be you--as you flower into the dynamo that you always knew you were, but had forgotten in the last few years of personal transformation. As you will soon find out, it was all worth it in the end!


Time to slip out of the old personality costume and into a new sense of self that exudes charm and confidence and sex appeal! Your greatest strides come when you decide to connect with those who share your same values and visions for the future. You may have recently reconnected with some former cohorts and should the goals mesh with your own, you can move forward when Mercury turns direct mid-month. The only things holding you back are your ancient fears of being too much to handle, feeling the need to slow down your progress. That no longer works for you and you will receive a spiritual breakthrough end of the month that gives you the cosmic juju to start your life anew!


Your lifestyle is undergoing a major change and the more strategically your organize your work and schedule, the more profitable the longterm finances. After several years of hiding in the wings, you are now ready to come out and play. Even if you are still somewhat reclusive, there are new people in your life who won't let you sit at home. A old professional connection may have returned and you can revision your career options at the present time. One of your new friends has a brilliant brainstorm about the type of work you are perfectly suited for and this can lead to you replanning your future goals and dreams. Follow your passions and you will have followers!


Your personal powers of creation are amplified now and a project that you have begun will see greater fruits end of April into May.