Mars Returns This Friday

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Mars Returns This Friday

So perhaps you are cleaning, releasing, prepping and shredding for Mars forward motion on Friday. Mars is often misunderstood as only ruling men—I thank the retro-moldy "Men are from Mars, women from Venus" for that one. But it truly rules all of us and the instinctive forward propulsion that happens at the right time when matters are "ripe."

So clean up anything possible this week both on the tangible material plane but also emotionally. You don't want to drag old vendettas, resentments and hurts into the new cycle like a pile of ragged clothes. They will only stem the flow. Also, a good time to talk to others and clear the air now that Mercury direct.

A good prayer might be, "Let me release any old energies that burden me. Allow my heart to feel unfettered, free and open to life as it wishes to be."

In general, this retrograde since Jan 23 has been a time-out to address the interior plane. What topics depends on your chart. For one person, Mars might be in the second house about $, for someone else in the 7th about relationships. And if you're strongly Aries or Scorpio (like seemingly half my fB folks) it's ruling the whole darn chart and EVERYTHING may go forward at once.

But one thing for sure, for everyone... the train is getting polished, cleaned and refueled at the station right now. 

The wheels are about to turn. 

And if you align with the Divine you won't have to worry where this new voyage may take you.

(kd is the embodiment of Mars Returning in this vid!)



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Grace Moon's picture

Looking forward to going

Looking forward to going direct. I feel like Mars has just been doing a job on my finances more so than anything else.

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Tosha's picture

hey Leonine Dr. Bianco, Queen of the NYC Subway and More,

thanks for posting...may Mars direct bring you every surprise blessing and wonderment that you richly deserve!!  love, your own personal pocket-Tosha

Marcie Bianco's picture

lolz ... i'm hoping my

lolz ... i'm hoping my celestial/astrological namesake helps me take a turn for the better.

LURV you Pocket Tosha!