A Millions Hoodies for Trayvon Martin

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A Millions Hoodies for Trayvon Martin

As outrage continues to build around the shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old black boy deemed "suspicious" for wearing a hoodie while walking at night, the national discussion on racial profiling and police brutality continues to be wildly unhelpful. Does Race Play a Role Even Though the shooter is not White? That's Fox News' big question. Subtle as a sledgehammer as always, Fox. No question of systemic racism or racial profiling; no question that the gunman, George Zimmerman, would already be behind bars if he'd shot an unarmed white teenager based merely on the vague hunch that he "looked suspicious" in his hoodie.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting flashbacks to Amadou Diallo, the 22-year-old African immigrant from Guinea who was shot 41 times by Bronx police who thought he was reaching for a gun; when in reality, he was simply reaching for his wallet to provide the identification that they themselves had just asked for. All four NYPD officers were acquitted of all charges.

Today, gunman George Zimmerman-- who was patrolling the streets with a gun yet no badge, simply as a member of a local neighborhood watch group-- has yet to even be charged with a crime. Public outcry continues, but if you're in the NYC area tonight, come to Union Square at 6pm for the Million Hoodie March, organized by friends and supporters of the Martin family, and timed to coincide with UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It may be small comfort to Trayvon's family and friends; but visibilty does matter. Gathering together to make a public statement that this is a race crime, and not simply a tragic accident, will influence the national dialogue and, we can only hope, prevent the next overzealous neighborhood watchman from shooting the next innocent black kid armed only with a pack of Skittles.  

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its a shame that the asshole that killed TrayvonMartin didnt go to prison.

just cause he was the neighboohood watch guy.

the Kidd had a pack of skittles and an ice tea for crying out loud.

how the fuckk were you in danger and felt unsafe???

i wear hoodies all the time and no one tries to shoot me.

that was really wrong.



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Looking at this from the perspective of

a UK citizen, US gun laws are Wild West. As Tiff says of France, civilians cannot legally bear arms here without a hunting licence, and even then you can't tote your gun around the streets. Even the police aren't allowed to bear arms unless they're specially trained armed officers. While some serious criminals, and drug and other gang members do sometimes manage to get hold of guns, gun crime remains pretty rare. From this side of the pond we're mostly slack-jawed at the lack of gun control in the US.

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the deets: OWS was involved

the deets:

OWS was involved in this march; the Po-Po made no arrests; Trayvon's parents were there; NY Daily News post footage this eve:


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George Zimmerman

Is obvs a nut job. And racism runs across all races, but Zimmerman was not what I was expecting, he's a spanish speaking brown Latino.



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Honestly I think if anything

Honestly I think if anything there needs to be a rally against the NRA for pushing through these gun laws -- and giving every paranoid psychopath the opportunity to wield a weapon. Even Europe is turning into America with paranoid freaks shooting people. Everyone wants to blame and ideology, the problem is mentally imbalanced schmucks armed with religion, politics and weapons.

Guns don't kill people, Crazy people with guns kill people.

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Tiff's picture

If you're referring to the

If you're referring to the shootings in Toulouse, dude totally wasn't legally supposed to have a gun. So while I'd agree that the crazy people are the primary issue, I think the laws need to be adjusted further as well. Especially in America. Civilians don't have the legal right to bear arms (unless they're hunting on designated grounds) in France. At least here only criminals and cops have guns (hunters aside). School shootings are a rarity here, and you don't hear about kids accidentally shooting themselves in their homes....