"Nothing Comes Easy": Kholi Takes Your Questions

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"Nothing Comes Easy": Kholi Takes Your Questions

Has it ever occurred to you that some of the easiest things in life are never actually that good for you in the end?

And when I say “never actually that good for you,” feel free to read a host of much more real phrases like “are a complete distraction to you,” “are complete wastes of times for you,” “are tests of your actual will,” “are things the universe wanted to know if you had the ability to say no to in order to get what you actually desire…”

Don’t believe me?

Follow me down a path of “almost free and whim-filled” woe wooing.

What usually comes fast?

Fast food?
Right … because McDonald’s saying they’re “deep in the heart of the community” isn’t their most maniacal pun and worst joke ever made.

Fast friends?
Well, if I mean fast in the way you think I mean it—which I do—this probably means by the end of any night’s outing, you’re saving somebody from what could result in a case of “poorly planned and incredibly undesired relationship” or … chlamydia.

Easy friends?
See above.

Fast and easy fixes?
Remember how that thing worked out last time? That thing you did to the bookcase? Or your bike? Or the leg of the kitchen table when it was wobbly? Or your necklace before it broke … for good … for the last time? Or your last girlfriend?

I’m sure, by now, we could be tired of the “nothing comes easy” talks.

But as long as I’m here … I’m going to remind you of one thing: NOTHING COMES EASY.

Remember last time, when we discussed the unnecessary difficulties that come along with what we stupidly assume to be “skipping the hard part?”

Well, I received so many questions about that article (and not just about the “I’m not good enough to love you” part which I promise we’re going to circle back around to), that I can’t help but revisit.

You want to know:

Q: How do I know if I’m done?

A: You’re done. You’re finished. You feel settled. You’re past it. Even if you’re not “happy” about the break-up, you can create a list of rational reasons why you should not be with this person. These reasons are not lies or easy excuses. They are real. When you are done … you