November 2012 Horoscope

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November 2012 Horoscope


You will be questioning your faith and looking your fears firmly in the eyes. Some secrets that may have seemed overwhelming now dissolve and wither in the piercing light of your willingness to see. The changes, while hidden, invoke a new strength and ability to handle the transmutation of self. This new power will reveal itself in a more direct and concentrated approach at work and catch the eye of a significant power broker. In distilling and releasing the limited views of your small self, you connect with the divine and realize you are a conduit of love, light and manifestation. This is your chance to realize the power of the mind in a very direct way.


You are investigating your sexual and desire needs and taking pause around the type of relationship you have attracted. Perhaps your vision was too small and mid-month you realize that your need for connection extends beyond the physical and one on one realm and into the larger world. This allows you to shake up your relationship and redirect its course. If single, there is a chance of a new partnership emerging, particularly mid-month. You are inspired to figure out the meaning of life and how it can help you succeed in the real world. All you need to do is remember the story of lack is an old one and not even your own. You have tremendous powers of creation and it all begins with believing it to be true.


Does your relationship support your everyday life and vice versa? You want a partner who is also a helpmate so events this month will bring clarity to the situation or pinpoint ways that you can bring this concept more into alignment. Where you've been lost regarding career direction, a new light shines bright. What was bubbling underneath the surface has now burst forth as a brilliant creative service. With this new clarity comes the desire to get your health, body and month in working order and with your regenerated partnership, you've got all the power you need and then some. Pregnancy is a possible outcome so decide if this is part of your life's plan right now.


Do you believe that your dreams are possible to attain? That will be the question you will be floating around this month as