November Horoscope 2013

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November Horoscope 2013

Read your Horoscope for November.


As you change, the whole world changes. While is can be true at any time the current astrology puts you front and center with affecting the larger world around you. The solar eclipse on the 3rd highlights resources and sexual relationships. You can begin a new chapter around getting your needs met if you've decided to release untenable, unfulfilling associations. While home is where the hearth is, over the next few months, you may become restless and desire more activity outside your domain. Notice which exes or business partners have contacted you over the last few weeks. One of them has a message of importance concerning you're newly found worth. As life is brimming with activity in the outer world, let your dream world take care of your continuining spiritual awakening.


You may feel as if others are pushing you, particularly with the beginning eclipse in your relationship house. That may be outwardly so to some degree, but they are simply answering a call of your soul to open to larger possibilities and vanquishing fears. The world forms to your thoughts and these have been deepening over the last few years. Your exes may reveal how much they miss you, but also be shocked to see how much more flexible you've become by allowing change to happen. You may hear from old friends and family and get a greater understanding of where certain trust issues arose. This is a month to let go to all the vitality that partners want to bring you and inspiration your friends want to provide in crafting a new life.


Your goals are shifting as are you professional connections. It is all about connecting online and to the larger world. You have gradually chipped away at your issues around intimacy and shame and this allows you to forge ahead in getting your message out to the masses. There is an entirely new chapter around health or your working conditions and even if your income temporarily stalls, it's all to regroup around how to better balance work and family. Certainly there are old new players coming to assist you in your new routines. These may require focus but the long term perspective must be left to fate--one that you agreed upon a long time ago and that