The Nun, The Law Student, The Numbers Nerd and The Seasoned Wonk

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The Nun, The Law Student, The Numbers Nerd and The Seasoned Wonk

If elections could be decided on Conventions alone I think this one would be in the bag. Actually it could have been wrapped up Tuesday night, but clearly there was a lot more to say.

President Bill Clinton eats policy for breakfast and last night he served a feast. Wrapping up night two of the DNC Clinton handily riffed through the all of President Obama's polices that have been implemented over the last three and a half years, but more importantly explained them. But even more importantly, explained why they are working, all the wittily tearing through every Republican party argument presented at the RNC just a few days ago.

In an article this week in the New Yorker by Ryan Lizza, described the deliberate attempt that the Obama campaign took to mend fences between Presidents Obama and Clinton. As the campaign anticipated the up hill battle for reelection they calculated the need for Clinton's fund raising and campaigning skills. Since the embattled primaries of '08 it seems Obama never really warmed to Bill, while his relationship to Hillary moved quickly forward. So last year Barack invited Bill to a round of golf, where it seems a repairative relationship began.

Barack and Bill Bromance

Clearly it paid off last night. Not even a GOP pundit could criticize the former President's speech save for its length. You can read the full transcript here, as it serves as a crib sheet clearly defined and vetted Obama policy talking points.

While Bill stole the show, as most expected, there was of course Clinton's "opening act" Elizatbeth Warren. Her best line of the night was the rebuke she gave to Romney's campaign statement the "Corporations are people too." to which Warren answered; "No, Governor Romney, corporations are not people. People have hearts, they have kids, they get jobs, they get sick, they cry, they dance. They live, they love, and they die."

Then there was my favorite nun on the bus, Sister Simone Campbell, who said that universal health care especially for those in need is her "pro-life" belief.

I don't remember abortion rights being front and center in any previous election in my life time because like Sandra Fluke said, "I thought we fought [and won] this battle?" On Tuesday we heard from the president of NARAL, last night it was Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards, then rounding out the chorus of women's voices was Sandra Fluke.

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SMBrown's picture

Liz was great--hoping she

Liz was great--hoping she gets a bit of a bump in the polls.  She and Senator Centerfold are still neck-and-neck here in the polls, with independents breaking for him.  Independent MEN of course...

Grace Moon's picture

I failed to give props to the

I failed to give props to the undocumented Latina woman, which I thought was a rather effective play for immagration reform.

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thanks for this recap! that

thanks for this recap! that was a full-on bro-hug!