Obama Does Us A Solid: Gays Get Hospital Visitation Rights

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Obama Does Us A Solid: Gays Get Hospital Visitation Rights

President Obama has mandated that all same-sex partners be granted visitation rights in hospitals. The Mandate came down on Thursday while POTUS was at a fundraiser in Miami.

The Washington Post is reporting:

The President directed the Department of Health and Human Services to prohibit discrimination in hospital visitation in a memo that was e-mailed to reporters Thursday night while he was at a fundraiser in Miami ... The new rule will affect any hospital that receives Medicare or Medicaid funding, a move that covers the vast majority of the nation's health-care institutions. Obama's order will start a rule-making process at HHS that could take several months, officials said.

You may remember last year LAMBDA legal filled a law suit against Jackson Memorial Hospital on behalf of 17-year lesbian partners, Janice Langbehn and Lisa Marie Pond. The Miami hospital denied the couple visitation rights, despite Langbehn being Pond's durable healthcare power of attorney. Pond passed away while Langbehn and their three children were prohibited access.

Its a good week for the Gay Agenda. Here's a toast to POTUS.

yay for the gay
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mimaduck's picture

I am damn lucky

Living in the UK we already have the rights that allow our same sex partner to visit us in hospitals, we also are able to have them as our NOK, make medical decisions for us etc.

Good luck over there guys, slowly slowly you will get the same rights as your straight counterparts.



karrr's picture

about time!

about time!

Tex's picture

Just a thought...

First, let me say that this is a wonderful thing.....

I wonder if this happening the way it did - a POTUS mandate - I wonder if it does not bode well for us in the big picture? Does he know that he doesn't have enough support on the hill to get LGBT issues "legally" passed? I'm thinking that's the way things are at this point in time. So, in my mind this 'mandate' is huge! He's taking it upon himself to keep the cause alive....to continue the cause moving forward on the federal level....to continue the positive move forward for equal rights! Brilliant political strategy....leading by example. 

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Tex's picture

About time!

POTUS is growing some gay balls!

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MacLass_19's picture

Kerry has a very good article in the Advocate

Her perspective is along the same lines as I'm leaning...The comments to her piece are also of interest.


Conlite's picture

This is very cool!  I know

This is very cool!  I know its only a tiny part of what needs to be done, but maybe it will help set a precedent for the President getting such things done on a federal level.  This is an issue homophobes would find it harder to argue against than (for example) ending DADT.

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Apparently, the president read the story last year. So last night he called Langbehn from Air Force One to tell her about the new policy. "I was so humbled that he would know Lisa's name and know our story," Langbehn told the NYT. "He apologized for how we were treated. For the last three years, that's what I've been asking the hospital to do. Even now, three years later, they still refuse to apologize to the children and I for the fact that Lisa died alone."

That's from DailyKos; here's the rest:


"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

SMBrown's picture


Just WOW...

Rusty's picture

No kidding, Mystics. Wow is

No kidding, Mystics. Wow is right.

In answer to your question below - yes it can be overturned. But I doubt any future ReThug president would have the stomach or political will to do that. Every year more of our allies reach voting age and more of our adversaries die off. It's ugly to say it that way, but the demographics are pretty clear are where our support comes from.

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

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i thought there must have been a tie in with that story.


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Interesting how some things

Interesting how some things can simply be 'mandated' and others not.  Are mandates subject to being overturned by a new administration?

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Good news

I think this also will help those of us who are single when designating a hospital visitor, which is very good news for me.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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Great news

I feel very happy for you guys living in the US