October 2012 Horoscope

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October 2012 Horoscope


If you've been offered a contract to write a book, now is the time to get down to work. You will have the next six months to regroup and enliven concepts that may have fallen by the wayside. You are in a romantic mood, however, with the soul heart planets playing in your intimacy and karma house. Some of your more daytime positive ideas are undermined by your worries around your sexual viability. Your mojo and confidence returns mid-month when the supreme masculine moves into compatible fire sign Sag. Think large --in all its manifestations--and your nighttime worries will dissolve in the light of your brilliance.


Money matters come to the fore mid month when the universal accountant comes to audit you. Take a look at all assets and redo the math. Problems will resolve next spring so lay low on expenditures until then. Your true bank account includes all the lovely romantic and platonic relationships forming in your life and the only impediment will be a bit of low self esteem due to temporarily limited resources. However, it seems that there is a feisty other who is interested in investing his time and money with you and as the month completes, you may find yourself in a deeply valuable and transformative relationship.


You may find your loqauciousness dissipating this month as the ADD talker in you is temporarily shut down. You need to focus on work rather than verbal exhibitionism so direct all that mental energy into constructing your dream of a career. And while you should think big, make sure you are able to deliver on all your promises. You must leave time, as well, for some merry love making as a foreigner is hot on your trails. Perhaps you've met at work and now he/she can become more deeply acquainted after hours.


Some of your confusion and or paranoia can be relieved when the amplifier of double talk turns retrograde in your house of addictions and fears. This allows you the time to fall more deeply in love with a person and/ or dream for your future. Yes, there may be some doubt mid-month when the desire to merge conflicts with your fears of intimacy. Quickly thereafter, you are back in the saddle and willing to take a risk in work and love.

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and yes...

I got an unexpected, practical, short term job with exciting large scale long term implications.

And I bow.


"Bitch, what you don't know about me is that I can just about fit in the Grand fucking Canyon. Did you know that I always wanted to be a dancer in Vegas?" Silent Bob

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