October Horoscopes 2013

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October Horoscopes 2013

This month Mercury goes retrograde and the moon eclipses, but its all not miss communication and disrupted travel. Halloween could be a night to remember. – Ed.

You want to break free and do your own thing, but your pocket strings are tied. It may be that a partner, boss or business manager does not want to give you the money you think you need. A slight adjustment and containment is required and things fall into place. You do have your sights on a trip or spiritual retreat and the combination of Mars and Venus suggest greater healing and health choices for your life. The full moon eclipse mid-month reveals the truth of your relationship sagas. You now see where the situation had been out of balance and vow to change that pattern of engagement. And now that you've integrated your independent streak with your need for closeness, you can look forward to hearing from an ex or new romantic partner who feels familiar in some deep way. Halloween might be the night of two soul mate lovers uniting through the mists of time!

Now that you are opening your psyche to a larger perspective, it feels like your partner is holding you back. He/she might just be fearful that you will leave them behind. Assure them by words and actions that they are significant in your life. This is made easy by the scintillating astrology in your sex and romance houses. The lunar eclipse energy brings you a wake-up call between faith and control. Are you keeping yourself in drudgery circumstances out of fear that you won't be able to achieve your dreams? You can figure out how you hold yourself back from the joys of life. This awareness opens you to more receiving from a mesmerizing lover, either the current one or an ex. Regardless of who comes courting, you are bound to have a devilishly delightful time!

Opportunities seem to be dangling from far afield, yet you feel grounded by obligations in everyday life. Find some way to bring the wild dreams into form by doing a little bit of the work of manifestation every day. You can reopen your heart if it has closed and see your partner through new eyes. There may be drama at home, but it can be of the deliciously seductive kind. On the 18th, the lunar eclipse highlights love given/love received. Are you in alignment with your partner and if not, what can needs to be recalibrated to make the relationship get on track? You may need to take care of some mental and emotional health issues, i.e. allowing yourself to feel what needs to be felt. In letting go of the past, you can be more fully available for the present.

Some of your dreams may feel as if they've been stalled, but this is simply to guarantee that you are putting your time and attention on the right matters. You can get help from others right now, particularly neighbors and friends as well as those visiting from afar. The mid-month eclipse has you investigating the balance between home and career. Your life is probably different from 2010-2011. Has the ratio of public/personal shifted as well? You are in an erotic time of creation and play and note who is sharing your bed or your head. This is a luscious time of year for those who have found their sexual soulmate. If alone, pay attention to your inbox or chatfeed starting on the 15th. By Halloween night, you may be sharing your evening with a delectable paramour.

You are wrestling with the conflicting desires of wanting to stay home and globe trot. More than likely, you will be away the first half of the month and back home the latter two weeks. Revel in some creative connections on your trip and focus on amassing some cash. You have struggled with seeing the world through your childhood eyes vs. the bigger picture view and now you gain some clarity on how to reconcile the two. Your big dreams will be accomplished with others, even if you are the originator of the idea. It'll be wonderful to be back home later in the month with Mercury retrograding through your emotional and security house. You feel best when your inner, deeper needs are fulfilled by a mesmerizing, psychologically aware other. Halloween may be best spent under the sheets!

You don't quite feel ready or knowledgeable enough, but your business partner or collaborator is pushing you to take a large leap. Talk to your fears and thank them and then jump in head first. After initial hesitation, you will start to feel more confident and exploratory. The full moon eclipse on the 18th brings to light your issues around self-esteem and money. See if you are in a more secure place than you were several years ago. Most likely yes AND most likely this was due to ending certain personal associations that did not support you. You have the clarity and perspective now to see these issues went back to childhood so during the Mercury retrograde you can notice them, bless them and bid them adieu.