Oh Snap, David Petraeus!

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Oh Snap, David Petraeus!

It takes a sex scandal to knock Hurricane relief and a Presidential election off the front pages. What a November surprise for the President, who now not only has to replace big cabinet potions, but will be replacing director of the CIA too. In case you haven't heard decorated Army General David Patraeus, architect of the Iraq surge (who was later promoted to US Central Command and then cleaned up after disgraced Gen McChrystal in Afghanistan) admitted to an extra martial affair.

Why is cheating considered an offense worth stepping down from your high powered job? I do not know, but I guess when you join the CIA you have to take a polygraph in which they ask you various kinds of questions like if you've ever cheated on your spouse, hasn't anyone seen Homeland? And obvs you have to be trustworthy and being in an extramarital affair makes you susceptible to all sorts of entanglements that could risk national security? Um leaving you prone to who knows what?

So last night it was revealed that Patraeus had been cheating with the author of his biography, "All In, the Education of David Patraeus," Paula Broadwell. Patraeus and Broadwell meet when she was doing a masters program at Harald's K School in 2006. Apparently this affair began shortly there after.

Who is Paula Broadwell? Well she is a West Point grad, military vet, and doctoral candidate at King's College in London where she was doing her dissertation on... wait for it... David Patraeus. Oh and she is a model/demonstrator for KRISS, .45 caliber machine gun manufacturer.

Does anyone think that the mistress has a distinct resemblance to Bette Porter?

Patraeus is married to Holly Knowlton, a daughter of an Army General, who was superintendent of West Point at the time of Patraeus' education there. Holly, is clearly a bright woman, multi-lingual, a National Merit Scholar in high school, graduating summa cum laude from Dickinson College. (via Wiki)

Ah, the innocence of youth.

Holly Patraeus is now working at the Consumer financial Protections bureau, the agency set up by our hero Elizabeth Warren.

Holly had been working on advocating for military families and veterans returning from the wars.

Meanwhile Patraeus and Broadwell were exchanging 1000's of sexy time emails that created a security breach at the CIA. The FBI had been investigating Broadwell for a year because of "harassing emails" sent by Broadwell to Patraeus associates. Sounds like there's more to this story than what meets the eye that I'm sure will end up in a story line played out by Carrie Mathison.

It so happens that on her press junket for her book Paula Broadwell appeared on Jon Stewart, and challenged him to a push-up contest. Check it out 11 min. in. I leave the rest to your imagination.

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loose lips sink ships, and

loose lips sink ships, and I'm talking about Patraeus,



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