Open Thread: Jan 25,2011

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What movie do you think will win for best Motion Picture at the 2011 Academy Awards?

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As long as

As long as it's not "The Kids are Alright,"  I'm alright!

There's a thin line...still...

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Just wondering...


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The Kids May be Alright, but What About the Rest of Us?

First, let me state clearly that this is not a movie review.  I finally caught The Kids Are Alright on pay-per-view.  This is the movie starring Annette Benning, Julianna Moore and Mark Ruffalo (none of whom are among my favorites, so let me admit that bias up front) as the long term lesbian couple with children, and their anonymous sperm donor.  The premise of the movie is that the kids are curious to meet their biological father, track him down through the cryobank and end up bonding with him.  Hokey, but typical Hollywood.

My question is, where is the outrage from the lesbian community for this movie?  What happened to the objection to the notion that a strong dyke (Nic – really? Could they be more obvious?) must necessarily be controlling?  Why weren’t there protests against perpetuating the myth that all a lesbian, especially a feminine lesbian, really needs is to get it from the right guy?  Didn’t we all (lesbian and straight) feel a bit slapped in the face when Julianna Moore’s character explained that she doesn’t like lesbian porn because it’s usually played by straight women playing for a straight male audience?  These words spoken by a straight actress playing a lesbian for what I can only assume is a straight male audience. Clever, ironic or just plain insulting?

Wait, I have more questions…

Is the lesbian community so desperate for a cinema presence that any movie featuring lesbian character gets an automatic buy?  Let’s face it, most lesbian cinema is pretty awful.  Even movies that are considered “classics” are… pretty awful.  Do I really have to name them?  You know which ones I mean.  Almost all of them, with a few standout exceptions like Desert Hearts, Lianna and very few others.  Has the demise of The L Word – which had its own share of artistic flaws – left us open to any morsel of lesbian claptrap?  Have we sold out to the stereotype for a shot at the subtitle?

I admit I’m a little late asking these questions.  After all, this movie has been out four months and is already on DVD and PPV, rapidly headed, I suspect, to cable movie channels.  But they’re talking Oscar buzz for Annette Benning.  There was no Oscar role in this movie, let alone an Oscar delivery!  Don’t get me wrong.  Annette Benning has my respect, if only for taming Warren Beatty and Julianna Moore, although I can’t really get into her, has had some great vehicles.  But why can’t lesbians play lesbians…ever.  And when they do it’s like “Oh I don’t discuss my sexuality.”  Why not?  Everyone else does.

Lesbian bed death is a real thing.  Any long term relationship runs the risk of growing old, stale and tired, but in my experience, hetero crossovers are as rare as gay crossovers by straights.  Picture Robert DeNiro coming home to Grace Hightower after a long day on set: “Honey, I have to tell you, I’ve been feeling restless in our relationship so I’m having an affair with Sean Hayes.”  What?! 


That's why.

There's a thin line...still...

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I don't understand this

I don't understand this argument put forth by gays that straight people shouldn't play gay. They're actors. By definition they play people they aren't. In Shakespeare's time men played all the roles, male & female alike. I just watched Christian Bale play a boxer from Boston when he is neither a boxer nor a Bostonian. Rock Hudson played straight for decades but we don't have a problem with that.

Personally, I only care if an actor's portrayal of a character was convincing. How closely it mirrors their own life is irrelevant.

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I do not object

I do not object to straight actors playing gay characters (although I would object to white actors playing blacks and native American actors for years complained about white actors playing Indians, and so on.  I think it's a numbers game.  There are only so many roles.  Certain characteristics put you in a niche market -- like if you're black, it's unlikely you can portray a white character -- unless, of course, you are my beloved Jennifer Beals... but I digress...).  My objection goes to content.  The "butch" character MUST be controlling, even when she's being supportive, it's still to be controlling.  The "femme" character MUST lapse into heterosexuality.  One could say lesbianism is vindicated in the end spoiler.  If you saw the movie, you know why, but I'm saying the plot was easy, old, tired and not at all Oscar worthy.  AND I'm a little pissed that we aren't all just a little pissed.

There's a thin line...still...

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Hmm...I didn't see Annette's

Hmm...I didn't see Annette's character as butch, nor Julianne as particularly femme.  To me Nic's controlling nature stemmed in large part from her superior earning power as a doctor vis a vis Jules' relative lack of career and failed business ventures.  And that seemed pretty darn credible, and not uninteresting, to me.  

(Ditto Minnie--there was ample debate about this film, and more than one review I believe, when the movie debuted last summer.)

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Hey, people did complain

I think you are forgetting that people on this site complained about the premise of this movie when it first opened, even before seeing it. I kept an open mind about it, went to the theater to see it and ended up liking it more than I thought I would. But then, I have a thing for Annette Bennig in that haircut.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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Musta missed it Minnie!

There's a thin line...still...

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I'm grumpy

Yeah it's true, I woke up grumpy.  And without coffee in the house forcing me out into the tundra for my beloved americano.  However is anyone else annoyed with the fact that there are 10 nominees for best picture now?  What happened to it actually being the cream of the crop? 

blow up my ego @lvrandafighter

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Hey made this change last

Hey made this change last year. Apparently that's how many there were back 80 years ago. There was some rationale about it being better for voting but I've forgotten what that explanation was now.

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If I may jump between you two lovelies....

IMHO I think they went to ten for the marketing....get more people to the movies, renting, buying, downloading, matter what the 'powers that be' say the rationale behind it is/was.

Happy hump day to all,


Twitter Time @kdhales

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I remember...

I remember when they announced it and yeah I forget the explanation too.  It just makes me care even less about who wins that catagory you know?  Cleary the coffee didn't work.

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I'm enjoying your

I'm enjoying your rants....more, please!

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don't encourage me Wink

blow up my ego @lvrandafighter

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Not to get off topic

Not to get off topic but Mark Ruffalo for best SUPPORTING ACTOR? Ugh!  I guess banging that black chick doggie style was an inspired choice.  I need some coffee. 

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More than likely The King's

More than likely The King's Speech or Social Network will win but I enjoyed Inception Smile

Only you that is in me can hear what I am saying.

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I'm curious to know what you

I'm curious to know what you think....did the top stop?

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I don't think it's a

I don't think it's a deep movie..I'm gonna have to watch it a couple more times Smile What do you think?

Only you that is in me can hear what I am saying.

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I'm calling The King's Speech

I'm calling The King's Speech for best picture and beating out Lisa Cholodenko for beat original screenplay as well. Annette Bening may stand a chance (she got the Globe after all).

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Who should win

The King's Speech.  Who will win - Social Network.  Both are stellar movies, but there was just something special about The King's Speech.

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The Social Network won the

The Social Network won the Globe didn't it? The Globes are an anti-predictor of Oscars. The best picture winners are almost never the same for those two awards. TKAAR won best picture, comedy or musical at the Globes which makes 2 strikes against it for Oscar. The Academy doesn't give best picture statuettes for comedies. They rarely give any awards for comedies at all, Marisa Tomei being one of the rare exceptions and how long ago was that?

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TKAAR a Comedy?

I am completely lost on how in the hell TKAAR was in the comedy/musical category.  I didn't find it funny at me out with this one, please.

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When I saw the movie I went with a fellow member of the sapphic sisters club but by all observations the rest of the audience was seemingly straight and white - although it's hard to tell - they all look alike Wink.  It was sooooo awkward because the parts that we found funny, that were so clearly written by a lesbian went over like dead weight (i.e. Jules telling Nic that she's had enough wine with dinner and Nic pouring an extra large glass).  Then the parts that we found downright offensive the crowd got swept away with  (i.e. Jules screaming OH YEAH at the sight of Mark Ruffalo's Oscar worthy penis).  Obviously we've analyzed this film to death over the past year (it's all we have!!) and the part that we keep coming back to is that we felt so alienated in our own movie!  It was like we were watching two different movies altogether.  A point only solidified when I offered an uncontrollable BOOOOOOO at the end to the rest of the room cheering and clapping.

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I'd like to see The Kids Are

I'd like to see The Kids Are All Right win something.  Wish R.E.D. was nominated for something.  Probably The Social Network and Toy Story 3 will win everything though.

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I'm not sure which one I

I'm not sure which one I think will win, but I'd sure love to see The King's Speech take it.