Open Thread: May 25,2010

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What was your best memories of summer when you were a kid?

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fishing, crawfishing, playing kick the can, swimming, the beach, walking down town, building play houses, riding motorcycles, dancing, camping sleep overs, mowing, washing cars, visiting the grand parents in the country.....

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Playing ball, any kind of

Playing ball, any kind of ball, until dusk turned to darkness....eating bakery-fresh doughnuts while lying on the thick green lawn of the public library, staring up at the azure sky...lying in bed at night after a day at the beach, still feeling the rise and fall of the ocean waves....

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holla for CAMP!

I can't believe I'm the first one going straight to camp for my precious summer memories. but yeah, that was the best part of my childhood, hands down. my camp was in the blue ridge mountains in western north carolina, and it was soooooo beautiful there...we could drink straight from the stream, and it was so clear and cold and delicious, the best water I've ever tasted. we had blackberry bushes around the lake you could eat from if you got hungry in the afternoon. we went mountain hiking and rock-climbing and whitewater rafting and horseback riding, and at night we snuck out of our cabins to go stargazing or skinnydipping. that was also where I learned that I could get all my friends to take off their shirts for me if I offered a back rub...and we'd all write each other long, intensely emotional letters (we called them "plane letters") to read on the journey home. best time of my whole damn life!

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bikes, baseball, and lemonade

Wrigley Field Left Field Bleachers, riding my bike, playing baseball, and selling lemonade to buy water balloons. And every summer we visited my relatives in Ypsilanti, MI (The first small town I fell in love with.)

And also, Happy Towel Day (and thanks for all the fish).

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Usually in the summer we

Usually in the summer we would visit my grandparents or my grandparents would come to visit us.  All summer memories are good when they include 2 of the best people I've ever known.  

Specifically when my grandmother died last summer I was reminded of how we would setup a tent in the back yard and Nana would come and climb into the tent to 'camp out' with us.  Now I know that after we fell asleep she would head into the house and sleep in a bed but then I just knew I'd fall asleep with Nana in the tent and wake up to her making us breakfast and it felt like she'd spent the night with us.

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your grandma rules

that is so sweet and awesome, robin. my grandma would never, ever do anything like that!!!

We're all born naked. The rest is drag.
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

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My grandparents, or to be

My grandparents, or to be specific my Nana and her second husband (my grandfather died when I was very young) were the best grandparents anyone could ever hope for.  When I stayed with Nana in FLA in '93 while going to Gay Day at Walt's Magic Kingdom she took me aside and said "I know you're gay and it's okay".  This from a woman born in 1912 people.  

Katherine Park you are missed every single day.  Love you always.  

Now I'm gonna go cry.  

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Blue skies

One of my favorite memories of summer is just lounging on the grass and looking up at the blue sky and clouds.

Another favorite memory is about the week we kids would spend with my paternal Grandmother usually in July. We would stay during the week of the county fair. I would go visit the horse barn each day. Thinking of those times makes me smile.

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