Open Thread: Thanksgiving Day

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What are you thankful for?

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Tom Delay's conviction

I will look at his sentencing as a Xmas gift!

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They really do give me hope.

Well, hope and a lot of challenges, which really do keep away the doldrums.

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I'm Thankful....

for my little man and great friends!!!!

Tex cooking for me!!!!


It's finally cold here.....42 degrees.....WOOOOHOOOO!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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tex cooking for you and your new profile pic.

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Happy Birthday!!!

Have a great day!!! Wink

Thank you! Wink


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LOVE the profile pic!!! 

LOVE the profile pic!!!  Smile

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Look at you, cutey pie!

Is that Spain in the background? Certainly can't be the wintery UK! Y'all made The Weather Channel this morning for your snow and such. Are you in that mess?

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Yep, it's Barcelona!  I

Yep, it's Barcelona!  I wanted to remind myself what warm feels like!  Apparently the snow is coming my way tonight - at the moment it's just absolutely bloody freezing!

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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,

Jack Frost nipping at your nose! I'll make some toddies......!

Let it snow,


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I can't watch the link!

I can't watch the link!  Something to do with "Vevo" blocking it in my country...Sad Damn!


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Thank you - I feel all

Thank you - I feel all Christmassy now!  :-)

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See! It just wasn't the same!

Christina's version, while Christmassy, evoked more.....well......passion!  ;)

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Mmmmm, I can imagine......

Mmmmm, I can imagine...... Christina has a certain something, does she not....Wink

Check this out -


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Snow days!

OML! This is awfully early in the winter for such weather, isn't it? Does your area cope well? Keep it off the roads, etc? Or do you just shut everything down til it warms up and melts?

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Absolutely - it's really

Absolutely - it's really really early!  The main roads are usually kept pretty clear but sometimes the more residential areas aren't touched, so it can be a bit dicey.  I am just hoping it doesn't get too bad as I start my new job on Wednesday and I don't want to a) not make it on my first day or b) make it and get trapped there!  If it gets really bad it will definitely be a case of everything shutting down - we just aren't able to cope!

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a) they'll understand - you won't be the only one!

b) take clean underwear and toiletries (extra for your mates) - cooped up with offensive junk could be bad!

Here's hoping for snow days!

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Love yours!!!

Nice shades!!! Wink


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Why thank you!  I've had

Why thank you! 

I've had those shades for ages and sadly they didn't make it back from that of the stems finally snapped off.  Can't complain though, I had them for about 7 years and they cost about £12!! 

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Thats amazing to me....7 years!?!?!?     I can't keep shades for 7 minutes!!!!  LOL!!!! Wink




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If I buy expensive shades I

If I buy expensive shades I wreck them within 2 weeks so I went for cheap ones and lo and behold, they last for ages! Smile

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So true....

I feel better losing cheap ones all the time!!  Wink


Enjoy the snow!!   I love it!!!!  Wink


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with everything and everyone it sends my way! 

Nothing but love


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I'm thankful for my families:

I'm thankful for my families: blood, chosen, writerly, Velvetpark.

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ditto ;)

you pretty much said it all, jules. I'm also thankful that my sister, who is 12 1/2 and hitting puberty with a vengeance, still thinks I'm cool ;p

We're all born naked. The rest is drag.
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

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ditto ditto


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Soon you'll be thankful for

Soon you'll be thankful for my famous pecan pie! Smile

I'm thankful for you and your family, Julia. I love you, dude. 

Also that I have such good friends, a home, a decent job... Pretty much everything.

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Soooo thankful to be queer.

Soooo thankful to be queer. And butch. And out. I could not have asked for a deeper, more humbling, more energizing blessing. And I'm thankful for all the other queer people. All of them.

And actually, to be in graduate school. I feel like all I do anymore is complain, but really I know I'm privileged and lucky to be able to do what I love.

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New job

I am thankful for my new job that gives me more free time to spend with friends and family, and fewer evening obligations. Although my new schedule means that I have less time to spend at VPM during the day.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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Thankful for...

My family even though I see them rarely.  I'm thankful for my partner and my friends who've acted like my family here in NYC

Erika has spoken.
Now, go read my blog Smile