Peaceful Female Protesters Penned and Maced on the Sidewalk by NYC Police

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Peaceful Female Protesters Penned and Maced on the Sidewalk by NYC Police

Saturday afternoon in Lower Manhattan, a group of peaceful female protestors were blocked by police on the sidewalk while marching from Wall Street to Union Square. Eighteen-year-old Kelly Schomburg gives a firsthand account of how she was penned in on the sidewalk and sprayed in the eyes with mace, without warning or provocation, by New York City police. 



It's pretty obvious from the above footage that the women who were maced were not being violent. They were just standing there, asking questions (like, "why are we being held," and other such brain puzzlers, I'd imagine), and filming the scene for their own protection. Good thing they did. 



After they were rounded up, bound in plastic cuffs, and bussed downtown to NYPD Precinct 1 for processing, Kelly reports being held on the bus for two hours, during which time she was literally begging and crying  to use the bathroom. Here is a short excerpt from her blog post:

They drove us to the station, precinct 1. We were forced to wait outside the station, in the vehicles, for almost 2 hours. The police were walking around outside, waiting, talking to each other. About 15-20 minutes in, one officer assured us that we would be moved in a few minutes and we would be processed and out in an hour or two. No one knew what was going on. It was during this time that I severely needed to use the bathroom. For an hour and a half, I asked over and over if I could get an escort to go. It got to the point where I was in so much physical pain that I was crying. I pleaded the cops over and over. Everyone else in the car tried to get their attention. They ignored us. They turned the music up. They told me to wait. It wasn’t until I cried so much that they were forced to face me, that somebody finally found me an escort. They didn’t remove my cuffs. She pulled my pants down for me and watched me. When we were exiting, she said that she didn’t like doing this, she had four kids and she didn’t think this was right. She agreed with our sentiment, but she didn’t understand why we had to be violent. I told her we were peaceful, and that I had been maced and arrested while walking on the sidewalk. She was silent. I looked at every officer who had let me through to use the bathroom and said thank you. They were silent.

Kelly and her fellow protestors are being charged with blocking vehicle traffic and unlawful conduct. Cuz nothing blocks traffic like walking on the sidewalk. Just imagine how the Tea Party would react if police started treating their peaceful teenage protesters this way...

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RNC in Minnesota

Law enforcement pulled the same kind of stuff on peaceful protesters in Saint Paul, MN during the Republican National Convention. Protestors should know that the police will round people up and apologize never, even if charges for individuals are eventually dismissed.


Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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thank you for the report. this action and reaction aren't being covered in the "media". it's so great people are doing this. what's the proactive antidote to "mace" ?

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Horrible.  There was a really

Horrible.  There was a really interesting piece I saw, belive it was on msnbc, about how NYPD now has its own whole "anti-terrorist" arm with offices and observational apparatus, paramilitary type advisors, etc.  That's not directly related, but the impact of viewing citizens as threats/ potential threats is a horrible infection in the 9/11 age.

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saw that too. Its kinda like they treat it very nonchalant... but we now live in a police state... or city I guess.

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