Pedophile Obtains SRS/GRS

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Pedophile Obtains SRS/GRS

Sometimes in life, people fear what they do not understand. This is especially true when it comes to society at large, in dealing with those who are transgender. Unfortunately, it is those fears that give predators ideas as well, bringing those irrational and heretofore unjustified fears into reality.

One of the biggest fears most have expressed is that somehow those who are transgender are really sexual predators seeking to “pretend to be the opposite sex” in order to gain easier access to young women and children in order to hurt them. This fear has been repeated often enough in recent decades that nearly everyone on the planet has heard them.

It does not help when the medical community joins in and facilitates such predatory desires.

Take the very recent stories about John Mark Karr. For those who do not remember, this is the individual who, in 2006, claimed to have murdered JonBenet Ramsey, in order to be extradited from Thailand, where he was facing allegations of sexually abusing children at the time. A free airline ticket, some free international publicity, and we learn he lied, his DNA wasn’t even close.

Karr would later allegedly form a “JonBenet” cult, supposedly gathering to him JonBenet look-alikes which he allegedly referred to as “Immaculates.”

As if this wasn’t bad enough, it now turns out, according to a story from Inside Edition, that Karr, 45, has undergone sex reassignment surgery, and is currently living as a 30 year old woman named Alexis Valoran Reich. Karr apparently began transitioning to live as a woman shortly after his false confession in 2006 to the Ramsey murder.

Here’s the fracked up part…

According to 19-year-old Samantha Spiegel of San Francisco, CA, Karr told her he underwent the procedure “in order to get closer to young girls.” Spiegel herself has a restraining order against Karr/Reich for cyber stalking. Spiegel was a former grade school student when Karr taught in San Francisco, whom Karr reconnected with 10 years later. When Spiegel tried to break contact with Karr, he began stalking her on the internet, making death threats.

Fiction becomes reality.

Qualifying for Sex/Gender Reassignment Surgery (SRS or GRS) requires two letters from two separate therapists, one an MD. Before that, one must live in the gender role, successfully, for one year. There can be no signs of mental instability, save for depression and/or anxiety (common due to bigotry faced by transgender persons). Sexually based criminal history disqualifies one from SRS/GRS, though some leeway is granted for prostitution (many are forced into that for survival reasons). Pedophilia, rape, and other violent sexual offenses are clearly disqualifiers.

There are thousands of transgender persons seeking SRS/GRS who cannot obtain it due to economic conditions and scarce medical resources, and these are the ones fully qualified and approved under the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care. How is it that Karr, who clearly does not meet those standards in any way, manages to get approved for SRS/GRS?


If you have any information leading to the location of this individual please use the contact information in this flyer or you can contact me through my blog page (info will be forwarded anonymously.) This self-confessed pedophile must be stopped now.

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Most likely, this perv got her surgery in Thailand. They don't have to follow the SOC.

In fact the actual name has been changed, too. Instead of the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care, it's now called the Standards of Care for Gender Identity Disorders by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH-SOC).

Doing my best to piss off the religious reicht!

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Try Seattle

According to all the information I could find, the SRS/GRS was done in Seattle, not Thailand.  Remember, Karr-Reich was being held in Thailand for suspicion of molesting other children there, before he conned authorities into getting extradited to the US by claiming to be JonBenet's killer.

Somehow, I suspect the individual would be persona non grata in Thailand after that.  However, some are saying Karr-Reich may have returned after the SRS/GRS in Seattle, now that the individual is posing as someone 15 years young, completely different name, different gender, etc.

Hence why I, and many others, want this predator caught.

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The obvious question is

has some conservative, anti-gay/anti-trans doctor "helped" Karr in order to inflict a PR backlash on the communities? ... with Karr's memorable profile, the media probably trace this Sociopath regularly to see where he's at (cue Fox "news" & media outrage) and once again, we are faced with the realisation that ignorance is alive & kicking.

If this change was assisted by non quack doctors, they need to be cross examined to find out what the f*ck they were thinking.  Also, why is he not in a secure mental facility?? ... Karr showed the whole world who he is and how he think's.  There are no grey areas with this creep.

In the case of Karr, I refuse to use the correct term of "she", but the media are (suspiciously) embracing it.


On the topic of "wolf in sheep's clothing" medical practitioners ... This Anesthesiologist (who had drug & child porn convictions) was employed by one of Australia's only late term abortion providers. *shudders*


CA_Medicine_Woman's picture


... I thought of that as well.  I've tried to rule it out, but given the entire anti-LGBT movement as a whole, nothing would surprise me at this point.

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a novella. Sorry.

Having had multiple trans partners and doing trans activist work for 12 years, I know that there are ways around the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care. Most of the time, the physicians, therapists et al who are willing to overlook the SOC, do it because of the exorbitant cost to those transgendered. And a growing train of thought in the transhealth community is "Who are we to determine if this person is NOT transgendered?".

When someone goes to a therapist and says "If I don't get hormones, I will die because I am already dead without them..." as a member of the medical field they immediately move towards making that person feel whole. And the SOC become moot.

I have personally felt for years that there needs to be a revision to the SOC and a more holistic approach to the trans community.

I am not surprised that someone like Reich could fall through the cracks. When healthcare is an industry open to only a select few, people are going to find a way to get around it and predatory behavior works both ways. Doctors who don't care about SOC will take your money and then there will be those llike Reich who will prey on the system right back.




"Tell him I've been too fucking busy-or vice versa"-Dorothy Parker

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Yeah, the SOC needs serious changes

What gets me, though, is that it would appear the SOC never even entered into the picture, at least in Karr/Reich's case.  After all, this was a notorious, self-confessed pedophile who targets little girls, who gained international media notoriety by falsely confessing to raping and murdering a child in order to evade pending charges of pedophilia in another country in 2006, and by the end of that year was able to get SRS/GRS, even after it was clear the motivation was to gain the trust of and access to more potential victims?

The only doc I'm familiar with willing to do something like that would be the infamous quack Dr. John "Butcher" Brown.  Last I heard, he was sentenced to prison in 1998 and died there this year.  I shudder to think there may be more like him out there.

I get the need for some sort of standards, so long as they are flexible enough to take into account individual patient needs, especially when it comes to protecting the patient from unnecessary procedures or suffering.  But, to go from Mr. Notorious Pedophile to Ms. Stalker of Children in less than 6 months?

I have to seriously question the motivation of the doctor in this case, especially since that doctor has just done tremendous harm to those who actually are transgender, who are not dangerous to society, by giving a monster like Karr the perfect "disguise" of sorts.


BTW, love the signature line, lol.