Persuasion: An Erotic Memoir

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Persuasion: An Erotic Memoir

I met Kendra at the bar at The Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. I wasn’t looking to hook up, well, not specifically. I just wanted an afternoon away from the rest of the group. The dancers and crew all spend a lot of time together when we’re on tour and sometimes it gets to be too much. I needed a little air, and I figured sitting out by the pool at the famous Hotel Del and drinking a vodka tonic would be a perfect way to clear my head.

The pool bar was pretty full, the few empty tables were either not shaded by an umbrella or were too far back from the beach. Disappointed, I was about to head inside when I realized that one of the spacious corner tables was occupied by a woman sitting alone. I asked her if I could share her table and she nodded almost indiscernibly. Her long brown hair was pulled back in a high pony tail, exposing her long, sexy neck. She was wearing a white tank top with thin straps, tight skinny jeans and beige suede sandals. The straps of her sandals were covered in little gold studs and the heels were impossibly high and pointy. They were not the kind of shoes a woman wears to go out and have a comfortable drink by herself. Case in point, my own outfit. I was wearing jeans, a baggy vintage Madonna T shirt with no bra, red and black Saucony sneakers and gold rimmed Ray Ban aviator sunglasses.

I sat down across from her and rummaged in my back pack for my iphone, so I could let everyone know where I was. The waiter came around after a minute, and assuming we were together said, “What can I get you ladies?”

“A Grey Goose and Tonic,” I said. And could you bring this lovely person another of whatever she’s having?”

She protested at first but once I explained I wanted to thank her for sharing her table, she ordered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

“Your shoes are amazing,” I said as the waiter set our drinks down, “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Keryl.”

“I’m Kendra. Thanks for the drink,” she answered.

“I can’t believe how incredible this part of the beach is,” I said.

“It’s stunning. This is the best stretch of beach in San Diego,” she replied.

We sat silently for a few moments each sipping our respective drinks,

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so horny now...i need to get

so horny now...i need to get a girl, lol

love has no gender

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Persuasion: An Erotic Memoir

That was lovely!

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