President Obama: "It Gets Better"

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President Obama: "It Gets Better"

In the wake of so much public support for LGBT teens and the fight against bullying this week, and after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released an "It Gets Better" video yesterday, POTUS finally decided to say something to gay kids and the rest of the country about bullying, anti-gay or otherwise.

Some folks are crying foul, since this video's release comes just days after the President's administration announced they'd be fighting to keep DADT in place for now, seeking to countermand the recent ruling by a federal judge to immediately suspend the discriminatory law. At the very least, it does seem a pretty funny way of demonstrating POTUS's assertion that "all of us are equal and each of us deserves to have the freedom to pursue our own version of happiness." Right. As long as you're not an LGBT person whose version of happiness relies on having the freedom to serve your country in the most profound way available to many folks without having to hide who you are and who you love as though it were something to be ashamed of.

Stings a bit, doesn't it, even if it is some kind of wonderful that we finally have a president who will actually participate in a viral video project like "It Gets Better." 

What do you think about President Obama's video?

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Gotta say, O's was much

Gotta say, O's was much better, though I appreciate and don't wish to diminish Hillary's effort.  But the president's was more passionate, urgent, specific.  Hillary was very obviously reading (poorly) from a teleprompter at one point.  

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cheers Wink

We're all born naked. The rest is drag.
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

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Thank you!

Well said geek4grammar! My thoughts exactly..

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oh come ON, haters!

okay, reality check: not everything good can happen at once. we will have to keep fighting, probably forever, for justice for everyone. one of the most famous Talmudic quotes (part of the canon of Jewish holy writings) about social justice says, "it is not your duty to complete the work, yet neither are you free to desist from it." can you call it "lip service" when the freaking president of the united states says to lgbt kids, "you are not alone, you didn't do anything wrong; you didn't do anything to deserve being bullied"? personally, I cried when I watched this. it doesn't fix everything; I don't believe it's claiming to fix everything. it is voicing a powerful rallying cry in support of lgbt youth, and that is something no other president has ever done before. I say rock on, mr. president. let's see if he talks about it on the daily show next week. 

We're all born naked. The rest is drag.
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

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Well Said

It won't really matter if they end DADT and DOMA now if we can't hold on to the House and Senate or win the next election. He can't do much good if he can't pass anything. He's biding his time and I think that's good. I didn't vote only for gay issues. Also, there's something to be said for the proper legal order of things (that his predecessor tended to ignore). I'll take Obama's caution over GW's style any day. I think this piece (which I found via the sidebar of VP) somes it up well.

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My two cents

I think of it this way: I doubt that any Republican President would have made such a video. Glass Half Full.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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Do you think his advisors

Do you think his advisors told him he needed to do this now that Hillary did one?  She's the one with the giant, brass balls in that administration. 

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I think it's pretty unlikely that the Secretary of State does much of anything without running it by the President's office first.

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Maybe some former Secretaries

Maybe some former Secretaries of State but Hillary has taken the lead on more than one LGBT related issue. I'm guessing she has a lot of free rein. Obama would have to be pretty stupid to try to tell her what to do. I'm sure the confer (they'd have to) but this isn't a policy issue, it's a personal message on an issue that's gripping the public right now.

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It's hard to say for sure. Of course, he could be behind on that sort of thing because he's busy being President of the United States. I'll start criticizing after the midterm elections if he's still dragging his feet on DADT, but I understand why it might not be ideal for anyone to have it repealed a few days before midterm elections. The politics side of, well, politics, sucks, but I don't see how it will help if he's above all that if those are the rules by which everyone else is playing....

I say bravo to both of them for addressing the issue, when the previous guys probably wouldn't have, but neither of them did it fast enough for my liking. Couldn't pay me enough to be in either of their positions.

However, I resent that Clinton, on the one hand, claimed to have all sorts of experience due to the fact that she was First Lady, and on the other hand, she must have been conveniently absent when DADT was passed--by her husband. A fierce gay advocate wouldn't sit idly by in that situation. Also, she said during the primaries that she was against the repeal of DOMA in its entirety. She just wanted a couple sections repealed.

We aren't going to have a "fierce gay advocate" in the White House until we put one there, and neither Hillary Clinton, nor Barack Obama are it. Which is why I based my vote (in the primaries and the general election) on other criteria.

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Clinton passed DADT as a way

Clinton passed DADT as a way to stop gay folks from being dismissed from the military.  It was supposed to be a better situation than what we had before.  It failed miserably of course but he did do something.  It's not 1993 anymore.  Then one could still be fired from a private job for being gay in most states (I know, because I was).  What seemed like a workable if not good idea back then looks different now.   Hindsight being 20/20 and all. 

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Yep, I'm not even from the U.S. but that was my thought exactly. (for what my 2 Canadian cents are worth)

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Political lip service and double talk is all we get from this guy.