The Queer Psychic: Stepping Stones

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The Queer Psychic: Stepping Stones

So I had a really cool conversation with my 19 year old son JD right before he entered college this year.  Our conversation was kind of a check list of the things he wanted to do and accomplish this year. At some point we started to talk about how to actually implement one of his goals and I said, “Ask THEM for help. Ask THEM to present stepping stones and all you have to do is to make sure that whatever work is presented with each ’stone,’ you do.” I thought about it and it really is how I operate especially in difficult situations.

In December of 2007, I made the decision to leave my then wife. The marriage was not working at all and I knew in my spirit it was the best thing for all of us (myself, my son and her) to dissolve the marriage. The decision was extra hard because we were newly married—only a year and a half prior—I had uprooted JD from Brooklyn, where he grown up, to move about 2 and a half hours upstate to a very suburban neighborhood. We bought a brand new house, had brand new cars, she was retired and I was working from home. We made friends easily but most importantly, JD was super successful with the whole transition.

He made lots of friends, was quarterback of his high school football team and was thriving. I didn’t mind uprooting him so much though because anyone who knows the NYC public HS experience will attest that it can be a nightmare. Over crowding, kids not getting into even their zoned schools. So it was a seemingly fool-proof plan that after she and I married in Canada (one day maybe I won’t have to seek equality via another country—god bless the land of the free—jusssayin). It seemed perfect to buy a home in a nice little suburban neighborhood where my kid could go to a decent school that just happened to be right up the street from our house. Sounds like utopia eh? Woulda, coulda, shoulda been… NOT!

At first we didn’t tell JD of my decision to break up. He was doing so well that we didn’t

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Looking at a choice of

Looking at a choice of stepping stones, but not sure which is going to flip and dump me in the river!

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Just talked to my person/s

Just talked to my person/s waiting for a stone to drop...


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