Relationships take the Astro-spotlight

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Relationships take the Astro-spotlight

So I've noticed more people are writing and calling me with relationship angst right now than anything else.


Well, retrogrades of BOTH intimacy planets (Mars and Venus) within a very short span are part of the story. Mars went retro late January and only just direct since mid-April. Then Venus goes retro May 15 until end of June. Both are causing major re-evaluation on the partnership-front.  

Add to that Saturn plowing through the final degrees of Libra, the consummate relationship sign par excellence until October. (Plus don't even get me going on Black Moon Lilith, that's another day.) Relationship karmas of all kinds coming to fruition, one way or another.

And add to THAT mix the hot and steamy Full Supermoon at 16 degrees Scorpio this Saturday. Everything, including erotic tensions, are indeed coming to a major head, so to speak.

So, be kind to yourself. It's all good. We're actually in the biggest collective KICKASS RELATIONSHIP OVERHAUL that we've had in years. Much will be settled in this stretch between May and October. Many people in lifeless situations sense they must leave; many who are single pine for a "soulmate." A huge shuffling of the deck is occurring. 

But what's it really about? Authenticity, worthiness, feeling whole inside, cutting loose what's been long over, stopping settling for less than whas right, and people of like vibration finally finding each other. Oh and if you're in something happy, don't be surprised to find it going deeper.... That too.

In the meantime, you know you elicit what you ARE, right? So if you see yourself as the form of the God/Goddess, then THAT is what you draw. 

So hey, nothing wrong with inviting in the Divine Consort if that's the wish. After all, even the best of the Hindu deities have one lol..

"May Divine Order arrive into every area of relationships. Let what needs to complete, complete. Let what needs to transform, transform. Let what needs to arrive, arrive. All is well."


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of COURSE she is your FAVORITE

<because You and I are the same person lmao>

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lolz. i just really love

lolz. i just really love missy -- she's been MIA the last while. her albums, and her music videos, are AWESOME!

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so...ignore the seemingly str8t nature of this fab video

since the guys in it are invariably gay anyway and then if the lyrics are spelled 'boi'...and anyway, once Missy arrives like the Calvalry of the Goddess Herself...well, this is my idea of total music church ...

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Missy is my FAV! Who knew

Missy is my FAV! Who knew this song existed!