Rothko Vandal, Just Another Art School Cliché

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Rothko Vandal, Just Another Art School Cliché

Why do lunatics feel it's there duty to spread their lunacy on the world, can't they just write the manifesto and and be done with it? Polish (artist?) vandal Vladimir Umanets, claims not to be a vandal, after vandalizing Mork Rothko's 1958 "Black on Maroon" at the Tate Modern a few weeks ago.

Eye witness accounts describe Umanets, casually walking up to the Rothko and scribbling on the lower right corner of the canvas, then sauntering out of the museum. Like most attention seekers, Vladimir actually wrote his name on the canvas so authorities could easily track him down. Which apparently was all in the plan so he'll get some sort of platform for himself from the media.

Mark Rothko was the monumental AbExer who like many of his contemporaries was self-medicating alcoholic and committed suicide at a relatively early age. Never the less Rothko's oeuvre represents the first great examples of "American exceptionalism" in art.

Whatever Vladimir's motives were in penning his name on the Rothko its unclear, despite the manifesto he created and posted earlier this year. Don't try and make sense of the Yellowist manifesto, like most megalomaniac sociopaths its a hodge podge of wanna-be-Dadaist jargon that makes no sense.

Basically this guy is doing graffiti and acting like he created the genera. Clearly Vladimir never heard of Jean-Micheal Basquiat who was among the "inventors" of tagging back in the '70s. Basquiat, unlike Umanets, was on the vanguard of culture, urban culture, hip-hop, street-art, pop art, which he rolled into high art.

Jean-Michael Basquiat

Word to the anyone trying to make your own movement in art, do your homework first before you pose as some sort of thinker on avant guard. Otherwise you're just an art school cliché.

This is how Umanets has documented the Rothko piece on his site:

This is so embarrasing... by the time Umamnets turns 30 he may realize his ignorant naivete, if not, then this proves he's just a douche.