Ruth, Roses, and Revolvers

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 Ruth, Roses, and Revolvers


“What are you doing?” Lina asked.

Ruth smiled like a child with candy and unsnapped the holster. “I’ve never touched your gun before,” she said. “Yet you wear it to bed every night.” She hefted Lina’s gun in her hand. Its barrel was narrower than she’d expected, the body heavier.

Lina had stopped undressing. “Put that down,” she said quietly.

Ruth glanced up at her lover, wrapped her hand around the grip, and rubbed the black barrel along her own thigh. She rubbed the dark metal suggestively, wiggling her ass on the bed’s comforter.

“I’ve never held an automatic,” she said. “My first husband, Anthony, he owned the first gun I ever got a good look at. He was a collector. He liked old-fashioned guns, war relics, revolvers.”

“Put that down,” Lina said, more sternly.

“What’s wrong?” Ruth asked, a mocking tone in her voice. “Scared for me? Don’t trust me?” She giggled a little, to herself. “Anthony didn’t like it when I played with his toys, either.” And she pointed the gun at Lina’s chest.

“It’s loaded,” Lina said, still in the same soft tone. “It’s not a toy.”

Ruth laughed lightly and placed the butt of the gun in her crotch. “Do you like it better this way?” she said, wiggling her ass suggestively, stroking the barrel with her hand. “Don’t you think it’s sexy? What’s it’s name, baby?” she asked.

“It’s a Beretta,” Lina replied.

Ruth scowled down at the gun in her hand. “I thought Berettas were tiny ladies’ guns,” she said.

Lina shook her head and actually smiled. “Not this one. Now come on. Put it down.”

“Come sit in my lap,” Ruth said.

Lina said nothing. Instead, she reached out slowly, wrapped her hand around the barrel of the gun, and pulled. After a moment, Ruth’s grip slackened. Lina placed the Beretta on the nightstand next to the bed. Before Ruth could close her legs, Lina replaced the piece with her hand, the heel of her palm pressed against Ruth’s lace-concealed mons. Ruth gasped in surprise, clamped her legs shut, and leaned forward to kiss her lover on the forehead. Lina withdrew her hand, moving it slow enough to tantalize and no more. She pulled off her white ribbed undershirt and tossed it aside.

“You like it that I have secret admirers, don’t you?” Ruth said, her fingers trailing along Lina’s collarbone, circling her breast.

“Yeah baby, it