Ruth, Roses, and Revolvers

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 Ruth, Roses, and Revolvers

turns me on. All those men, wanting you. And I’m the one who’s got you.”

Ruth shifted, straightening her back and pushing her chest out. Lina began to unfasten the buttons of Ruth’s dress, still nuzzling at her neck.

“You’re not jealous?” Ruth asked.

“What’s there to be jealous of?” Lina said, putting a hand on Ruth’s collarbone.

Ruth smiled above Lina’s black hair, and bent to kiss the crown of her head. “They’re rich.”

“You’re rich,” Lina said.

“We’re rich,” Ruth corrected, smiling, and nibbled at Lina’s ear.

Lina kissed her way down into the cleavage of Ruth’s bra.

“You know how I got rich, don’t you?” Ruth whispered and buried her mouth in her lover’s hair.

Lina reached up to cup Ruth’s satin-covered breasts in her hands. “You fucked them to death?” She teased, and kissed Ruth,-without waiting for a reply, until both were breathless.

But when the kiss broke, Ruth shook her head, and pulled Lina’s hands away from her breasts. Lina kissed her again, lightly and then slipped her hand under the hem of Ruth’s skirt; Lina’s palm slid along the curve of her thigh to the top of Ruth’s stockings. Where it stopped. “I think I know,” Lina said, looking Ruth in the eye. “I think I’ve always known.” And she plunged her hand past the lace edge of Ruth’s panties, into the hidden moistness beneath. Ruth gasped. Lina manipulated Ruth’s clit roughly, mercilessly, but for only a moment before withdrawing.

“Do you want me to tell you?” Ruth said, almost in a whisper.

“Is it confession time?” Lina asked. “Do you need a priest?” She put her hands to Ruth’s breast again, playing roughly with her nipples through the fabric.

“I’m not Catholic,” Ruth panted.

“I am,” Lina said, and Ruth giggled and put a hand over her mouth.

Lina peeled back each finger, one by one, kissing the tips. “If you won’t tell me,” she said, “Then I’ll tell you. I know exactly what you did. I know exactly how wicked you are.” She sat back on her haunches. “Take off your bra.”

Ruth complied, slipping the black lace off her pale shoulders.

“Now turn over.”

Ruth drew up her knees and rolled over so that she crouched upon her knees. Lina reached up between her legs and roughly removed Ruth’s panties. Ruth gasped and pushed her butt back toward Lina. Her pussy was pink and moist, haloed by hair just a