Sara Gilbert & The Ladies of "The Talk" Discuss Nixon's Statements

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Sara Gilbert & The Ladies of "The Talk" Discuss Nixon's Statements

Much like everyone else plugged into the media and news industries, yesterday the ladies of CBS's The Talk discussed Cynthia Nixon's recent comments regarding sexuality. Sara Gilbert sees the value in Nixon's sentiments, although thinks the idea could prove harmful in certain delicate situations:

Less thoughtful in tone and content (and much more abrasive), Cat Cora also chimed in, flat out calling Cynthia's statement "dangerous"


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Tiff's picture

p.s. Anywhere else I can find

p.s. Anywhere else I can find those clips? Can't find them on YouTube, and the videos you posted "aren't available in my region." Sad

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hi Tiff -- i gave a quick

hi Tiff -- i gave a quick search but couldn't find anything ...strange that it's not avail in your region!

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Yeah. Steph, could you watch

Yeah. Steph, could you watch them? Normally if the UK can, so can France....

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Nope!! x  




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And it's only going to get

And it's only going to get worse, as the U.S. government continues shutting down foreign sites....

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It technically isn't

It technically isn't available in my region either.  The Canadian computer at work won't play a lot of Vp clips (I think hulu?).  My home computer is somehow electronically pretending it is American to get around this.

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That's convenient. Mine was

That's convenient. Mine was bought stateside, but it doesn't seem to think it's American. Sad

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What amazes me is that

What amazes me is that Cynthia's comments and subsequent reaction seem to be getting so much air time!  Just wouldn't happen over here - in fact, gayness and its attendant issues are old news and debates of this nature just don't get air time any more. 

Wow.  Wow. Wow.


Marcie Bianco's picture

Since celebrities are

Since celebrities are (unfortunately) the ones who can elevate issues/opinions/perspectives to national/international attention, I'm frankly ecstatic that there's a celebrity face to the pro-choice position. 

She can be my Gaga.

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You know, the more I read

You know, the more I read about this whole kerfuffle the more I think the real problem is that anyone gives a shit what Cynthia Nixon says about her personal life. And I don't mean that as a personal attack on Cynthia, I mean that as an indictment of this country's obesession with celebrity and this idea that somehow people on TV are somehow equipped to speak out on issues. 

Having said that, I don't find anything that any of these women said particularly inflammatory. 

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The irony is, if the guy at

The irony is, if the guy at AmericaBlog hadn't had a flip-out about her statement, hardly anyone would have noticed it.  So when he laments that Nixon has given the wingnuts ammo, I'm like right back at you dude.

Marcie Bianco's picture

I think you're right, SMBrown

I think you're right, SMBrown -- the critiques/responses have blown C's statement out of proportion. 

Tiff's picture

Exactly. This is "Chaz Bono

Exactly. This is "Chaz Bono represents all transgendered people" all over again. Ironically, Nixon seems perfectly aware that she doesn't speak for everyone. She made that pretty clear, but no one else appears to have noticed that part.

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I think this exemplifies part

I think this exemplifies part of why bisexuals feel alienated by the LGBT community; I don't want anyone discounting my opinion that being lesbian isn't a choice-for me. I don't know what my opinion would be if I were bisexual-because I'm not. 

I tend to think about sexuality in terms of the Kinsey scale, with bisexuality being a 5. Although, the "choice" isn't really a choice, because we have no control over who we fall in love with. 

I'm just glad my statements are subject to public scrutiny Shock

Marcie Bianco's picture

i think it's interesting and,

i think it's interesting and, frankly, odd that nixon is being labelled as "bisexual" by others...when she's never identified as such. here, people are "choosing" her identity (via her interpellation "as bisexual")....methinks me smells hypocrisy....


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<3 sara gilbert

I really love what sara gilber said. I don't love what cat cora said, but I also recognize that this whole situation is sort of like the difference between someone's personal healtcare, vs. being a spokesperson for public health. i.e., you can certainly have a few glasses of wine through your pregnancy and give birth to a perfectly healthy baby; but if you're a public figure and you know the whole world is listening to everything you say, you're probably not gonna say "drinking booze while I was preggo totally didn't hurt my baby!" because you don't want to confuse or mislead mass quantities of people who may not fully appreciate the subtlety of the situation. ya know?

"We're all born naked. The rest is drag."
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

SMBrown's picture

I think it's 'dangerous' of

I think it's 'dangerous' of Cat Cora to misquote and miscontextualize Nixon's statement.  

Even more dangerous?  Telling someone not to speak her truth because it's not yours.

Marcie Bianco's picture

TRUE That, SMBrown!

TRUE That, SMBrown! Seriously, I was kinda disappointed in Cat Cora....or maybe i'm just disappointed in the method of 'interpretation' in general!