Saturday Shopping With Amy

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Saturday Shopping With Amy

Hey gals! So, one of my favorite shopping trips is via email with my BFF, Sue. She recently moved from Chicago to the countryside of Massachusetts. Aside from being a country mouse, Sue is a new mom and so is struggling with her giant boobs and changing body size. As a city mouse, I have the luxury to not worry so much about functional fashion. This means, however, that I make poor and impulsive choices: Luckily, I can count on Sue to stop me from buying ugly outfits. Today we went (online) shopping for fall clothes. You don't have to be a student to go back-to-school clothes shopping!

Amy: Jackpot! Check out this website, Rusty Zipper . They're all vintage, and you can shop by type of clothing- like dress or top, sort by decade! (amaze) and size (perf)!

Sue: Urgh, I am smitten. Any store that organizes by size is my bestie for sure. I actually avoid all thrift stores that are not sorted by size, then by color. It is so frustrating to go through rack after rack seeing cute clothes but having them be nowhere near my size.

Sue: I just bought this cowl neck from Lane Bryant in green last night. I am wearing it as I type this. It's FAB!!! You can't really see from the pic but there are gold buckles that tie up the sleeves that are just to die. Plus, I can pretend I am a "city mouse" by pulling the cowl neck up over my head and looking all sleek and "high fashion."


Amy: Oooh! I love that. Wearing the neck normal is a nice basic look that works well in the country with some jeans or something and in the city with a leather skirt. Wearing it like a snood scarf, a la Lady Gaga, is a great idea! How would one pull that off? I feel like I'd have to be outside and pretend like I'm cold. wearing it like a hood inside would seem ridiculous, unless you are, you know, LGG herself.


Sue: I only noticed the look as I pulled it over my head this morning. I may or may not have stood in the mirror looking all fab for a sec this morning.

Sue: I may be a country mouse, but this city dress

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Fallon Stone's picture

Nicely done

I'm learning some neato fashion pointers...

Now this is probably not Amy's (or Sue's) forte but I need some fashion tips in the hiphop chic department. I'm transitioning!!! To a hip-hop b-girl allstar, but I've no idea what to wear!

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Misha's picture

now that's my style.. and do the best urban street wear in the US and they ship to the UK so thats where i get most of my clothes from but i get most of my trainers from
I would recommend Adidas Originals, Nike or Supra kicks though cant go wrong...and deffo need a New Era fitted cap to complete the look.

Fallon Stone's picture


I'll have to check out both sites a little more in-depth. My personal fashion style is inbetweeny (as is my gender identification)... I have curves that I wanna show, but I don't want to be saran wrapped in leather and skintight jeans.

Does anyone remember how Aaliyah used to rock b-boy jeans (baggy chic) with a skin-tight top and some kind of baseball cap? Representing the basics, that would be my happy place... now I just need to spice it up a bit...

Thanks for the great websites!!

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patricia's picture

You asked for

You asked for's my suggestion: 

Fred Perry tank tops; military cargo pants but in unexpected shades, like taupe or copper. Adidas. Casio calculator watch. Bam! 


Fallon Stone's picture


Hmm.. I'll have to check out the Fred Perry gear.. I love the idea of mil cargo pants in unexpected shades (taupe!!)

I'm lost on the Casio calc watch though, but still I'm diggin the suggestions!


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Diana Cage's picture

Oh nice. You are going to

Oh nice. You are going to look so handsome and fine!! I think you and CT should do an online shopping blog like Amy's where you find outfits online you think would look good for dykes who want to dress hip hop b-girl! I would love, love to see that.

Fallon Stone's picture

Love It! Love It! Love It!!

CT, let's do this!!! OMG... I'm sooooo excited!!! Wait 'til you guys see my new breakin' moves!! Wink

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caramelteddy's picture

let's go hip-hop-shopping!

Guuuurrrrrrrrl. I can hook you up! We can have a get-fly shopping extravaganza. We will not sag our pants (we have bwa, so they won't sag anyway) but we will get some hot kicks and matching starter caps and old school addidas track suits and a few club hopping outfits. It will be soooo much fun!

Diana Cage's picture

Come on you guys, please do

Come on you guys, please do the b-boy/b-girl fashion blog. Now you have me looking forward to it.

Robin Rigby's picture

Oh good lord, just don't sag

Oh good lord, just don't sag your jeans!  You're absolutely adorable the way you look now.  Plus you're smart and funny- run with that and to hell with some 'fashion' trend that's going to make you look ridiculous.  

Diana Cage's picture

why would she look

why would she look ridiculous?

Robin Rigby's picture

It's the saggy pants thing.

It's the saggy pants thing. It just looks silly. And awkward. Makes you walk like a penguin.

MacLass_19's picture

Saggy pants = punk ass gang bangers

Why would anyone want to glorify the gang banger look..... it's absolutely disgusting, and not cool at all. Of course, this is only my opinion.


Julia Watson's picture

Okay, listen you two. I may

Okay, listen you two. I may be the whitest person alive (See. my girlfriend laughing at me. LOTS.) but even I know there's a difference between the saggy-jeans-gang-bangy look and hiphop chic. Hence the "chic."

Robin Rigby's picture

In my defense, I've seen like

In my defense, I've seen like 2 hip hop videos.  Don't like the music and am not clued in to the details of the fashion.  I also said "just don't sag your jeans"- meaning regardless of what style CJ adopts.  Followed up with my advice to follow her own style.  I always think that wearing what you like (as long as it fits you properly & contains flattering colors) is way more attractive than following some fashion trend.  For example- CJ looked good in what she wore to my birthday party so what's wrong with just sticking with that? 

SMBrown's picture

Jules, good point.  It's the

Jules, good point.  But it's the new combo of saggy/skinny leg jeans that's got me shaking my head--how is 'I have no ass' in any way attractive?  

Fallon Stone's picture

Awww thanks!!!

Wait.. you'd think I'd look rediculous?? Uh-oh... I've got some returns to make!! Wink

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