The Schitbag Is The New Fanny Pack

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The Schitbag Is The New Fanny Pack

Do you miss your fanny pack? Did your femme girlfriend secrectly throw it out while you were at kickball practice? Schitbag, made by LaSchitte Designs, might be the answer to your form over function dilemma.

Looks to me like a high end version of that utilitarian, gender-free, hands-free, lesbian fashion staple, the fanny pack. And judging from the description on the site, it's tailor-made for the dyke on the go:

Two front pockets provide quick, easy access to frequently used items. A cell phone effortlessly slips in and out of a convenient front pocket. Another pocket, which closes with a magnetic snap, has a slot for driver’s license and credit cards, and can also hold keys and lipstick. And all the while, your hands are FREE. Schitbag™ represents the ultimate combination of beauty, form and function. And by leaving the hands and shoulders free, it becomes a natural asset instead of an appendage.

But I still have to ask... would you actually carry something called a Schitbag?

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geek4grammar's picture

i like it!

I think the name is hilarious-- it's "the shit!" and the whole idea is pretty closely aligned w/ my favorite everyday bag (le sportsac messenger bag)-- but I do prefer the messenger bag, which goes over the shoulder, to this toolbelt situation. it works fine w/ pants, but w/ a dress or short skirt, there could be issues. perhaps this is meant to be more of a butch accessory, but they did mention a place for lipstick in the ad copy...let me also add that if it's a question of this schitbag vs. a comeback for the fanny pack, I would fo' shiz vote for the schitbag!!!

We're all born naked. The rest is drag.
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

Rusty's picture


Pass — if it doesn't fit in my pockets then I really don't need it anyway.

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

ShadowCat's picture

it wouldn't

look so bad if it were dark leather, then it would look like a utility belt. better yet make it a Bat Belt and i'm in.

MacLass_19's picture


That Schitbag™ is butt ugly. 

Big smile

Steph's picture

Call me childish but this

Call me childish but this made me giggle purely because for me a fanny is something different!

Conlite's picture

For sure, but "bumbag" (as we

For sure, but "bumbag" (as we used to call them) doesn't have much of a ring to it either!!

Tex's picture

Excuse the inbetween...

I rather like "bumbag"!


Twitter Time @kdhales

Steph's picture

Now that, is very true......

Now that, is very true......

Julia Watson's picture

Yeah, at first glance I

Yeah, at first glance I thought this was about high end colostomy bags. Seriously unfortunate product name.