Scientologists Homophobic?

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Scientologists Homophobic?

There are things I've said I'll blog about I haven't yet and blogs I've written I haven't posted yet. It's perverse. Welcome to the secret life of a writer. A constant battle of talent vs. lies. I had a pretty good track record for a long time but have slid unconscionably of late. Could it have something to do with my not getting paid to write? Uh, yeah. Yeah, it could.

In its February 14th issue, the New Yorker published a stunningly long exposé on the "church" of scientology, a coercive brainwashing operation (allegedly, allegedly, until the FBI get their act together) that's accumulated tons of classy real estate, fronted by Hollywood luvvies Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Everyone's heard the rumors they're gay. Who cares? They care, the studios care, scientology cares.

Scientology's never been outed as a gay-to-straight rehabilitation center or masking program, but after reading nearly 25,000 words plus watching two BBC Panorama documentaries it seems totally obvious. Scientology is a way to get ahead in Hollywood, in films and TV, an A-list social network where deals are made, and we all know Hollywood's track record on out gays. Not stellar. Even though all the artistic professions are overwhelmingly packed to the gills with misfits of every description, including ho-mo-sex-u-als, with an accent on fags in charge of costume, set, make-up, Middle America needs to be reassured their dull marriages are in no way threatened by fabulous leading lesbians and sissies having their cake and eating it too.

Paul Haggis, who's a not-too-inspiring Hollywood hack with two back-to-back screenwriting Oscars, says he decided to blow the whistle on scientology when the San Diego branch supported Proposition 8, California's pot-stirring anti-gay-marriage initiative, in 2008. One of his daughters is a dyke. Go, Dad.

And now the New Yorker has not only devoted many pages to the subject, Pulitzer-Prize-winning writer Lawrence Wright is spinning the piece into a book, The Heretic of Hollywood: Paul Haggis vs.The Church of Scientology. This isn't the first time someone's complained of untoward behavior by scientologists (alledgedly, allegedly), but the New Yorker's bona fides are tip-top so the "church's" usual shrill, sniveling, snide shut-up campaign won't cut it.

Of course, South Park got there first.

Oh, if something terrible happens to me, it's them.

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Meffle's picture


Who, exactly, is Tom Cruise trying to desperately to help?

"If you're a scientologist, you know, you see things the way they are." 

You just can't "say" the way things are!


I'm just going to assume this is a result of poor editing.

There's a thin line...still...

Grace Moon's picture

I love that he is so totally

I love that he is so totally bat sh*t nuts... and still an A-list celebrity. Gotta love America.

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Robin Rigby's picture

"Batshi*t nuts" and not a

"Batshi*t nuts" and not a very good actor either but still famous. 

Meffle's picture

Two words...

Paris Hilton!!


It strikes me, though, that he really does look, well, constipated.  Like there's something he wants to get out, but he is measuring his words so carefully, like one false word and the world will explode!!  Poor Tom.

There's a thin line...still...

Conlite's picture

I tried reading up on

I tried reading up on scientology via wikipedia (supporting the survey that shows Canadians read more wikipedia than anyone else).  The article is very convoluted and tedious (like Tom Cruise's rambling talk on this video).

The basic thing for us is that they contributed to Yes on 8 (ie. no gay marriage) whilst claiming to be ethically motivated for the greatest good.  People protested this kind of hypocrisy from the Mormon church and I object to it from any other church or organised body.  (They don't have tax-exempt church status in Canada - maybe that's how we got gay marriage?)

Robin Rigby's picture

Who will protect Carrie

Who will protect Carrie Fisher from the alien lovers now that she's outed John Travolta?

Prof C's picture

"not-too-inspiring Hollywood hack" indeed

i just read the article on Haggis this morning and found myself bored not only by his bio but Hubbard's as well. between the swordfighting and the circle jerk of Scientology, I'm still decidedly a man-hater. I've got your back, Blackwell.