Senate Armed Service Committee Votes to Repeal DADT **Breaking**

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Senate Armed Service Committee Votes to Repeal DADT **Breaking**

This afternoon, Senate Armed Services Committee voted 16-12 to repeal the discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law.

The language of the amendment added to the National Defense Authorization Act will allow Congress to vote to repeal the current DADT law. Repeal will occur (upon certification) after completion of the Pentagon Working Group study on December 1, 2010. Rep. Patrick Murphy will offer identical language as an amendment to the defense bill on the floor of the House tomorrow morning. — source HRC

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Another step

The House just passed Rep. Patrick Murphy's (D-PA) amendment to the National Defense Bill to repeal DADT. I just saw it on C-SPAN.

Info on that amendment:

Repeal would come "after (1) receipt of the recommendations of the Pentagon's Comprehensive Review Working Group on how to implement a repeal of DADT (due December 1, 2010) and (2) a certification by the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and President that repeal is first, consistent with military readiness, military effectiveness, unit cohesion & recruiting, and second, that the DoD has prepared the necessary policies and regulations to implement its repeal. It would also include a 60 day period after certification before the repeal took effect."

Also watch this moving speech:

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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1st step!

Here we go....

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Do I understand this?

They have "passed" it, but it could still be struck if the Working Group study gives them cause? Am I being too sceptical?

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Have faith, Tae

No one's going to stop it. 

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I guess I'm cynical too...

Tex, why are you so sure Congress is gonna pass it? I'm not saying I'm sure they'll vote it down, or block it with some crazy filibuster; but I wouldn't be surprised, either.

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As far as I understand

The working group is not whether DADT should pass it is HOW to pass it (repeal).

So at this point -- its all quite confusing and full of rethoric -- I'll keep an eye out for someone who can articulate whats up.

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This is my 'wide angle' view of POTUS...

As POTUS Obama needs a doesn't look like it's going to be the economy. We're not out of that mess, and it appears it will take longer than expected to right the financial ship....forget a balanced budget. The Gulf oil spill is now the worst in U.S. history - the damage that it has done and will be done in the months to come will  be far more reaching - particularly to the environment. Immigration is extremely volatile due to drugs and their 'peripherals' along the Mexican border - the National Guard will probably be further used to gain control. So, I think Obama is going to turn his attention to human rights for all Americans. Although LGBT rights are in the forefront of our thoughts, there are many minority groups in the U.S. suffering from less than total American citizen human rights. 

I think he understands, now more than ever, how 'unthinkables' happen, and all he can do is take the blame for them. How 'doable' ideas and plans are controlled by the 'uncontrollables' and those good ideas are crushed by the 'trivials'. 

The one area, and actually the most important - the most feasible - where he can do the greatest good, is in the area of human rights. DADT is the first logical step for him and us. It is going to be repealed using a long time, favorably used capital hill maneuver - tack it onto another piece of legislation that HAS to be passed....brilliant strategy here. In the years to come no one will remember how it got repealed...just that it did on Obama's watch.

The repeal of DADT is being closely watched by the world....


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