SMASH'cap: It’s Like A Religion

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SMASH'cap: It’s Like A Religion

his life with Karen. So, he surprises her in Boston and pops the question, in what has to be one of the most unromantic proposals in history. If Dev were real, I would suspect that his proposal-that-started-out-sounding-like-a-breakup-speech was a trick to get Karen to say yes out of relief, but I think that’s probably reading too deeply between the lines for a fictional character. Karen says no I can’t think about this during tech. (Sure, Dev, what woman wouldn’t want to hear that her significant other realized they wanted to marry her, while making out with someone else?)


Things aren’t going well for Ivy and Derek (or at least, not for Ivy) either. Near the beginning of the episode, Derek made the mistake of saying “that’s […] why I love you” to Ivy, so I was worried that much of the episode would be devoted to the tired, “that’s what I love about you” being confused for “I love you” story line, but I was pleasantly surprised. Aside from an excited conversation between Ivy and her friend, whose name I can never recall, they didn’t dwell on the mention of the L-word, (you know, that other one that doesn’t involve getting to see Sarah Shahi dancing around in her underwear or Jennifer Beals rocking a killer suit) and I’m grateful for that. As soon as love was mentioned, I knew it meant trouble was brewing in paradise, but I didn’t really expect it to come to a head so quickly. Derek went from being Mr. Supportive for Ivy to “soothing” Rebecca’s frazzled nerves in about two seconds flat. I suppose a dressing room fuck with the director does wonders for boosting a performer’s confidence, but damn, that was fast.

Ivy’s no idiot, though, and she figures things out even faster than they happen, borrowing Ellis’ techniques for fact-finding. I think Ellis’ response to finding her spying “That’s usually my thing” might be the first non-annoying thing the character has ever said. (I actually laughed.) I still don’t like him, but I have it on good authority that we’ll at least be afforded some explanation as to his motivations before the first season is up. The episode ends with Dev unknowingly buying Karen’s castmate Ivy, a drink, which will inevitably lead to more trouble. I’m thinking they won’t have time to wrap up all the drama, and imagine that we have a season finale cliffhanger to look forward to in two weeks’ time....