SNL Lives: Betty White, Girl Power and Lesbians to the Rescue!

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SNL Lives: Betty White, Girl Power and Lesbians to the Rescue!

Remember when SNL was actually funny? Yeah. Them, too. So last night, in honor of finally landing the 88 year old Betty White to host, they invited the funniest women of the last 15 years of the show back to celebrate for a funny-lady-powered Mother's Day extravaganza. The result? Me trying to not to wake my sleeping girlfriend when I actually LoL'd (for realsies, as Cage would say) at not just one, but several SNL sketches for the first time since I was old enough to know better.

White, who had previously turned down invitations to host the show something like eight times, was finally persuaded to appear on the show after a highly successful Facebook campaign inspired by White's famous Superbowl commercial. She was joined in several sketches by SNL vets Molly Shannon, Ana Gasteyer, Mya Rudolph, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey. Yeah. Take in that list of names for a moment.


Here is last night's show in full. We haven't watched the entire thing yet, but so far we recommend the following sketches:

  • 12 minutes in - Ana and Molly follow up their famous "Pete Schwetty's Balls" foodie radio show sketch with a new one about eating Betty White's "muffin."
  • 23 minutes in - What happens when Little Women is recast with Idgie Lezgood as the youngest sister? Betty White gets a new catchphrase. That's what!
  • 30 minutes in - It's Molly Shannon ("I'm FIFTEH! FIFTEH years OLD!") vs. Betty White on Weekend Update.
  • 33:30 minutes in - Special correspondents Amy Poehler and Tina Fey join Seth for the usually super not funny "Really? REALLY?!" segment.

Which other parts of this should we be watching? You tell us!


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SMBrown's picture

More Betty

In case ya'll didn't get enough Betty White the other night, NBC just released three un-aired skits from the dress rehearsal:|classic|dl2|link3|

For the record I was blown away by her--she was in every single sketch and didn't miss a BEAT!  That's what they call a true PRO!

Tex's picture

Betty and the women

boosted the ratings for SNL - highest since 2008! 

Women - older women.......hmmmmmm

Twitter Time @kdhales

canada's picture


I have to disagree. With the amazing cast of ladies they had on the show lastnight, I was disappointed with the result. It felt like the writers just thought it would be funny to have an elderly woman say dirty things. I think so much more could've been done. But Betty White is hilarious with everything she does, her delivery is outstanding. Perhaps I just have a different sense of humour. I enjoyed Jay-z's performances.

Robin Rigby's picture

Just got through watching it

Just got through watching it and have to say the Dusty Muffin sketch was hilarious, just because of the deadpan delivery.  The rest- meh.  

Lake's picture

It was a...GREAT show...

Jane Curtin...not that funny....maybe I'm too young to remember her being funny!

Loved it all!!!  Wink


Robin Rigby's picture

Of the women in the original

Of the women in the original cast, Gilda Radner was the true comedic genius.  Jane plays more of the straightman role in comedy.  I still thought she was awesome back in the day.  

Amy Nicole Miller's picture

It was just one hilarious

It was just one hilarious sketch after another (even though I can't stand MacGruber- how the hell did that turn into a movie?) and Betty White killed! If the ladies ran that show, it would obviously make a comeback. My favorite was the dig short with Andy.

Not2Taem's picture

ditto on the gruber

ditto on the gruber

Robin Rigby's picture

Jules, the last time SNL was

Jules, the last time SNL was consistently funny was before you were born so I doubt you remember that.  Did they bring back Jane Curtin?  No?  There you have it.   

geek4grammar's picture


robin, just cuz we're too young to remember the 70's firsthand doesn't mean we got no culture. I think I probably saw every classic SNL episode on reruns w/ my parents growing up...the coneheads, samurai divorce court, and todd & lisa lupner were among the most frequent comedic references in our household. and FUCK YEAH gilda radner! she was always my favorite too, partly because everyone says my mom looks just like her (especially when she says the "nevermind!" line from emily lotella on weekend update...)

in closing: knock knock...LANDSHARK! 

We're all born naked. The rest is drag.
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

Robin Rigby's picture

I certainly don't think you

I certainly don't think you (or Julia) "got no culture". Smile  Glad to see you're both familiar with the genius that was the original cast.  I'm always amazed when people go on about how brilliant this cast or that cast is and they aren't talking about the first SNLers.  As for Gilda, her loss was a tragedy for all of comedy.  Emily Litella, Roseanne Rosanna Danna, Lisa Lupner, Patti Slice, oh and that Girl Scout (can't remember her name).  Her genius with characters reminds me of Lily Tomlin.  Between Lily on Laugh In, Gilda on SNL & The Carol Burnett Show I got to grow up watching a bunch of really funny women on TV.  

Julia Watson's picture

No way! I grew up on Gilda

No way! I grew up on Gilda Radner! Her "Best of" SNL special is still my sister and my go-to feel-good video when we're together and feeling ridiculous.

Not2Taem's picture

dust muffin

hands down the best

it was really great to see this show get its groove back