Tanks R US

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Tanks R US

We don't often get the chance as citizens to swarm a tank paid for by our tax dollars. Unless it's some carefully crafted public relations photo op type of situation, the army jealously guards its engines of death and destruction. So scenes of political happenings in and around tanks are rare and powerful for the breakdown in business as usual they represent.

"Power to the People!" chanted the hippies in 1967, trying to dislodge the U.S.A. from Viet Nam. Power to the people. By the people, of the people. But only when the people stand up to power.

We have a rich legacy of freedom fighting from our foremothers, but a very poor recent track record. We've been sliding along on our reputation, bending it into ever more unlikely shapes—kind of like buying ever bigger pants to convince yourself you're not gaining weight—to convince ourselves our dealings with dictators are in the interest of democracy around the globe.

So not.

Thank you, WikiLeaks, for revealing to the world in dizzying bureaucratic minituae, what our "diplomats" spend their long hours of service to their country doing: chronicling the temperaments of the enthroned, entrenched, enabled despots we do business with.

So here we see Egyptians, themselves inheritors of a proud tradition of architecture and hierarchy and spirituality, mummification, deification of cats, gold leaf and other practices that endear them to monarchists everywhere, putting their bodies on the line in a human tide that dwarfs tanks and the political power that sent them into the streets to intimidate fragile unarmed fed-up flesh and blood.
Slaves built the pyramids of Egypt. Their modern-day equivalents are tearing something down.

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Kufu Blackwell. yours, Giza

Kufu Blackwell.


Giza Moon


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Poetry in a  tank!  Love it. 

Poetry in a  tank!  Love it.  Love the last line.  There is definately something compelling about such events happenning in Egypt because of its cornerstone role in geography and history.

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attaining democracy....freedom....

is always extremely 'expensive'. Humans reach their lowest when the 'price' of life is lower than an ounce of gold...or a barrel of oil....or a loaf of bread.

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